Faux Floral Styling

white magnolia flower artificial

Bring the outside in: a guide for faux floral styling

Whether you are green-fingered or not, faux floral styling with artificial flowers and plants can be an easy way to update or create a finishing touch at home. It can be tricky to keep real plants alive, and costly, too. Rather than focus on seasonal blooms, however lovely they may be, using faux florals and greenery in your home is a great option. Here are our top three ideas.

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Keep it simple with artificial stems

Single stems can work well as a sculptural piece. Or why not try using three or five together of the same colours and tones? The faux grasses with their feathery fronds can make a statement for any time of the year.

Mix and match with real blooms

Combine faux flowers and real greenery to add to your display. You could use some real eucalyptus leaves to mix in with some artificial stems to add depth to your arrangement.

magnolia double stem - artificial flower

One-off pieces for faux floral (and greenery) styling

green fern in cement pot - artificial plant

A single faux plant can add an instant pop of colour to your home, without the worry of having to care for it – especially in the hotter months. Ready-potted, these are an easy addition to a coffee table, side table, console or shelf. 

So, whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your living room, create a serene oasis in your bedroom or enhance your workspace with a touch of nature, faux greenery and floral décor offer endless possibilities for beautifying your home. 

Explore our curated collection of faux botanicals, crafted to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living space. From lifelike foliage to floral arrangements, let your imagination bloom with faux botanicals that inspire and delight.

Make moments special with a mango wood dining table at home

Make Mother’s Day special: it’s a time to celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives. So you’ve taken a look at the Mother’s Day 2024 gift guide, but she’s someone who has everything. So this year, why not show your appreciation with a gift that combines style, comfort and functionality? Furniture can be a thoughtful and practical choice adding beauty to her home and enhancing her daily life. Here are some top tips for making Mother’s Day extra special with furniture.

1. Make Mother’s Day special with her taste in mind

When selecting furniture for Mother’s Day, consider paying attention to the colours and materials she loves. Whether it’s sleek modern designs, cosy rustic pieces, timeless classics or one-off designs, personalising your gift shows you’ve put thought into choosing something that resonates with her.

2. Focus on comfort to Make Mother’s Day special

Mums deserve a comfortable place to relax and unwind, so prioritise comfort when selecting furniture. Look for an armchair for a reading nook or comfortable dining chairs (and why not some extra cushions?). The goal is to create a cosy sanctuary where she can escape the stresses of daily life and enjoy moments of relaxation.

3. Optimise functionality for Mother’s Day

Choose furniture pieces that not only look great but also serve a practical purpose in her home. Multifunctional pieces like extendable dining tables are perfect for maximising space and functionality. Think about her lifestyle and how she uses her living space, and choose furniture that enhances her daily routines and makes life a little easier.

4. Add a touch of luxury

Make Mother’s Day feel extra special by indulging her with a touch of luxury. Consider investing in furniture crafted from materials like solid wood or polished marble. Elegant finishes, intricate detailing and sophisticated designs can create a sense of luxury and refinement.

5. Create meaningful moments

Ultimately, the best Mother’s Day gifts are those that create lasting memories and meaningful moments. Use furniture to set the stage for memorable experiences, whether it’s hosting a family dinner or simply sharing heartfelt conversations. Create inviting spaces where she can connect with loved ones and make cherished memories that she’ll treasure for years to come.

Mother's Day 2024 gift ideas

Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day 2024 gift this year? Whether you know exactly what to buy, or just need to browse through some homewares, we are here to help. Explore our complete Mother’s Day 2024 Gift Guide here. If you need some extra advice, why not visit one of our stores? Below you can browse our selection of pieces to help you find your favourite something, even for the one who has everything.

Have you had a search through and can’t quite find what you’re after, don’t fret. Why not think of the bigger picture: does she love entertaining and might like to update the dining room? Would she like a one-off piece from our Antique Chinese collection? You could treat her to a browse around our showroom and outlet in Banksmeadow. Find some inspiration in our online gallery.

You might want to let her have a bit of well-deserved me-time, for breakfast in bed. Or how about turning the tables (pardon the pun) and creating the perfect table setting just for her? Make it a memorable Mother’s Day this year and spoil her. From a cup of tea first thing and showing her love, you can take this day to be all about her.

This Mother’s Day, go beyond the traditional gifts and surprise her with gifts that brings joy, comfort and style to her home. Whether it’s a cosy candles or a small Capiz side table for her reading nook, a help her create a home she’ll love. Celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 in style with the perfect gift that shows your love and appreciation in the most thoughtful way possible.


The concept of the home office update has evolved from a mere workspace to a sanctuary of productivity and creativity. With more people embracing flexible schedules, there’s never been a better time to invest in upgrading your home office. Here are some tips to help you create a functional, inspiring and comfortable workspace that enhances both your productivity and well-being.

1. Declutter and Organise

A clutter-free workspace is essential for maintaining focus and productivity. Take the time to declutter your home office by removing unnecessary items and organising your supplies and equipment. Consider using decorative storage baskets to add style while concealing clutter. Investing in storage solutions like bookcases or storage units can help to keep your workspace tidy and organised. 

2. Lighting Matters

Good lighting is essential for a productive work environment. Natural light not only boosts mood and energy levels but also reduces eye strain and fatigue. So if you can, position your desk near a window to take advantage of natural daylight. 

3. Personalise Your Space

Your home office should reflect your personality and inspire creativity. Personalise your workspace with meaningful artwork and accessories that resonate with you. Whether it’s a gallery of wall art or photos of loved ones or a collection of plants, surround yourself with items that bring you joy and inspiration. Experiment with colour schemes, textures and patterns to create a space that feels inviting and energising. 

4. Create a Productive Environment

Your home office should be a sanctuary that inspires productivity and creativity. By investing in the right desk and chair for your space, decluttering and organising, personalising your decor, you can create a home office that enhances your well-being and elevates your productivity. Take the time to design a workspace for you and watch as your productivity soars to new heights.


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Cosy Living Room Upgrades

Here are 4 cosy living room upgrades: as autumn draws in, there’s a natural inclination to seek warmth and comfort at home. And, as the heart of a home, the living room becomes the sanctuary where we unwind, relax, and embrace the cosiness of the season. With a few thoughtful upgrades, you can transform your living space into a haven of snug tranquillity, perfect for those crisp autumn evenings. Here are some ideas to update your living room.

1. Cosy cushions for living room upgrades

Cosy cushions for living room upgrades

There’s something inherently inviting about snuggling up with a pile of cushions on a chilly autumn evening. Opt for cushions in warm or muted tones like natural linen or an autumnal yellow to infuse your space with the cosy colours of the season.

2. Ambient lighting for a cosy living room

cosy living room upgrades: candles

Create a welcoming ambience in your living room with the soft glow of ambient lighting. Candles (whether with a faux flame or real) add an instant sense of warmth. A pale-toned timber pendant light shade can create a softer focus than a built in ceiling light. 

3. Rustic accents for your living room


Incorporate rustic elements into your living room decor to evoke the appeal of autumnal landscapes. Natural timber furniture and woven baskets infuse your space with a cosy, rustic charm. Consider adding a wooden coffee table or side table to create a focal point that exudes warmth and character.

4. Inviting seating for a cosy living room

Invest in a natural rattan armchair that invites you to curl up with a good book. Adding a cosy reading nook with a creates an inviting retreat within your living room. Even an upholstered dining chair set as a pair can create a sense of togetherness.

As the temperatures dip and the leaves begin to fall, your living room can become a haven of warmth and comfort with a few simple upgrades. By adding cosy cushions, warm lighting, rustic accents and reading nooks, you can create a space that embraces the essence of autumn and invites you to linger a little longer on those chilly evenings.

As Easter approaches (31st March 2024), it’s time to celebrate the arrival of Autumn with Easter home decorations.

Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

Prepare to bid farewell to the heat of Summer and embrace the cooler months ahead. Whether you’re planning a family gathering, hosting a brunch or simply adding a touch of Easter to your home, there are plenty of ways to infuse your space with the spirit of the season. Here we explore some creative ideas for festive home decor that will make this Easter memorable.

Natural elements and earthy tones


Incorporate the rich colours and textures of our landscape into your Easter decorations by embracing natural elements and earthy tones. Choose decorative accents in warmer hues to reflect an autumnal palette. Consider decorating with more wooden accents, woven baskets and rustic textures to evoke the rugged beauty of nature and create a cosy atmosphere at home. Try eucalyptus branches in floral arrangements and wreaths (who says a wreath is just for Christmas?).

Coastal-inspired Easter home decorations


For those living near the beach, embrace this lifestyle with coastal-inspired Easter decor that captures the essence of seaside living. Add nautical elements, such as seashells, pale timber and coral into your decor to evoke the relaxed vibes of beachside retreats. Arrange beach-combing finds in trays or platters or display seashell-filled bowls as centrepieces for a coastal-chic look. Add touches of blue and turquoise to mimic the colours of the ocean and create a breezy, coastal ambience in your home.

Outdoor entertaining spaces for Easter

Make the most of the mild autumn weather by hosting your Easter celebrations outdoors in your garden, patio or balcony. Create a festive outdoor entertaining space with cosy seating arrangements that invite guests to gather in the open air. Arrange pots, greenery and candles to add ambience and charm to your outdoor oasis.

As Easter approaches, embrace the season with festive home decorations that reflect the unique beauty and charm of our landscapes. Whether you’re inspired by the natural wonders of the land or the laid-back vibes of coastal living, there are endless ways to infuse your home with the spirit of Easter. From earthy tones and coastal accents to outdoor entertaining, let your Easter celebrations reflect warmth, togetherness and creativity.


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Have you ever wondered how your Raffles chair is made? Artisan makers use traditional techniques to create an ergonomic yet aesthetically pleasing design. They weave natural rattan into a piece inspired by old world charm: perfect for long relaxed lunches or reading a book in a cosy corner. Read on to find out about this material. If you’d like to know how to care for your woven pieces, find out here with our care guide.

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What is rattan? 

A solid vine-like timber plant from the palm family. Harvested throughout the year, it is native to the forests of Indonesia, India, China and Southeast Asia. The name rattan actually covers hundreds of different species, and the size of the plant varies greatly across these. It grows up to 200 metres in length, yet the diameter remains about the same. 

Rattan, Cane or Wicker 

natural cabinet doors close up

What is the difference?


Rattan is the solid vine, and not hollow like bamboo. It is perfect for furniture making as one of the strongest and most resilient natural materials. The outer stem is tough and durable while the inner core is soft and slightly porous, meaning it is hard to break or splinter.


Cane is a particular part of the outer skin of the rattan plant. It is pale in colour and non-porous, making it excellent at repelling spills. 


Wicker however is not actually a plant, but the name for a method of weaving. Some pieces are made from rattan, but others are made from straw, raffia, synthetic materials and more. It is made up of thicker vertical pieces to create the structure of the item, then woven horizontally with thinner pieces in different designs. 

Harvesting and processing

natural weave close up

When the workers harvest the rattan – a feat in itself in the inaccessible jungles – it is cut into lengths and tied into bundles to journey from jungle to a processing area. 

Once harvested, it is used in different ways. The entire rattan pole looks like a piece of bamboo, but is extremely strong as it is solid. When it is heated with either steam or a blowtorch, it becomes very pliable and can be bent into a variety of shapes without cracking. This makes it perfect for furniture making. The rattan vine can also be processed for other uses, such as removing the outer bark which is cut into thin strips for cane chair seats and backs. Reeds are cut from the softer interior to be used in wickerwork.

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4 ways to embrace its elegant charm

Exploring French Provincial furniture style, with its timeless elegance and rustic charm, continues to captivate homeowners around the world. Originating from the picturesque countryside regions of France, this design aesthetic effortlessly blends sophistication with simplicity, creating spaces that are both refined and inviting. So let’s delve into the essence of French Provincial style and explore how you can incorporate its distinctive elements into your home with exquisite furniture pieces.

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Cross-back, Parisian-café-style chairs would feature in dining spaces for a relaxed, casual setting. These graceful designs would be juxtaposed against more sturdier and no-frills designs of buffets and consoles that cabinet makers of the time were renowned for.

Exploring French Provincial furniture style

1. Embracing Timeless Elegance

At the heart of French Provincial style lies a sense of timeless elegance that transcends passing trends. Inspired by the grandeur of French country estates and chateaus, this design aesthetic embraces classic silhouettes, graceful curves, and ornate detailing. Think delicately carved legs, intricate scrollwork, and decorative mouldings that add a touch of sophistication to any room.

2. Celebrating Natural Beauty

French Provincial furniture celebrates the natural beauty of wood in all its glory. Rich, warm tones like oak are commonly used to create furniture pieces that exude warmth and character. Whether it’s a rustic farmhouse dining table or a charming console, each piece showcases the inherent beauty of natural materials, adding warmth and authenticity to your home. Parquetry top designs were also a common design feature and an opportunity to showcase the timber grain and the craftsmanship of the artisan.

3. Mixing Old World Charm with Modern Comfort

While French Provincial style is steeped in history and tradition, it can easily be adapted to suit modern lifestyles. Mix antique-inspired furniture pieces with contemporary elements to create a space that feels both timeless and relevant. Try pairing a vintage-inspired dining table with sleek modern chairs.

Upholstered furniture pieces such as sofas and bedheads would have tufted cushion detailing; the centre of each fabric tuft pinned in place by a button. This detailing would again imitate the opulent furniture the Parisians would own.

Valentina Queen Bedframe HF_PPP_CLR-138

4. Incorporating Soft, Romantic Colours

Soft, muted colours are what make French Provincial style, evoking a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Opt for a palette of soft pastels such as powder blue, blush pink and creamy white to create a light and airy atmosphere. These gentle hues create a backdrop that allows the beauty of your furniture to shine while infusing your space with a sense of romance.

French Provincial style embodies the essence of refined elegance and rustic charm, creating spaces that are both sophisticated and inviting. With its emphasis on timeless beauty, natural materials and soft, romantic colours, this design aesthetic offers endless possibilities for creating a home that exudes warmth, character and style. Whether you’re furnishing a cosy country cottage or a modern urban apartment, incorporating French Provincial furniture pieces will infuse your space with a sense of grace that will stand the test of time.

Our tips to achieve the French Provincial Look

  1. Keep it simple. Less is best, let the natural beauty of your furniture shine. Keep parquetry tops clear and consider decorations like a tray or candleholder or a simple flower arrangement.
  2. Mix old with new. French Provincial is not about being matchy matchy. Work with your space and don’t be afraid to use more rustic looking pieces in a modern room. A simple raw Chinese antique cabinet or sideboard in a modern kitchen creates interest and softens the space with its weathered, worn in features.
  3. Use muted colours. For colour work with muted blues and greys, earthy greens and pastel pinks. For those afraid of colour, focus on using textures across neutral colours such as white, cream, beige and sand.
  4. Natural materials. For floors and walls, consider incorporating natural materials such as stone or timber, and paint walls in warmer whites and beiges.

Choosing Chinese furniture: in light of Chinese New Year, we are shining a light on our Antique Chinese Furniture collection, and restoring these beautiful antique furniture pieces.

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Restoring antique Chinese furniture: and why we love it

Although some of the pieces we source are handpicked reproductions of original designs, many of the furniture pieces we find are restored antiques. The design, materials and craftsmanship all reflect the culture and aesthetics of their era. For antique Chinese furniture holds a timeless allure, reflecting the rich history, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage of China. Each piece tells a story, adorned with intricate carvings, delicate joinery, and exquisite details. 

The Artisans

We are in awe of the artisans working on the restoration process. They ensure that the finished piece remains true to its original form, whilst caring for any damage or wear. Time can take its toll, leaving these treasures in need of careful restoration to preserve their beauty for future generations. Here we explore the techniques, challenges and rewards of this delicate art form.

The Techniques and Tools

Restoring antique Chinese furniture requires a combination of traditional techniques and modern tools. Skilled craftsmen use methods such as hand carving, wood turning, and joinery to repair damaged components and recreate missing elements. However, the true artistry lies in the hands of the restorer. They must possess a deep understanding of traditional techniques and materials to breathe new life into these cherished artefacts. It is a way to honour the skill and artistry of the craftsmen who originally created them and ensure that their legacy endures. 

The Finished Piece

Restoring antique Chinese furniture is a labour of love, requiring patience, skill, and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship. From repairing delicate joinery to recreating intricate carvings, each restoration project is a testament to the enduring beauty and cultural significance of these timeless treasures. By preserving these artefacts for future generations, we ensure that the legacy of Chinese craftsmanship continues to inspire and enchant for years to come.

Shack Dahlia Bowl fluted white marble

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here are 14 of our favourites to choose from as in case you hadn’t noticed, we love love. If fresh blooms don’t take your fancy this year, why not delight in a floral-shaped dish instead like our Dahlia marble bowl or our small Raffia Heart with floral detail? And for a classic option, here’s a round-up of more of our top heart-shaped heroes below. Treat your loved ones and yourself this Valentine’s Day.

It’s always time to start thinking about outside spaces in our opinion, whatever the season. If you have a small balcony, patio or courtyard with limited space, then you need our guide for small space solutions for outdoors.

Or take a look at our outdoor buying guide for an overview of where to start.

If you are lucky enough to have more than an inner-city size, then you can see more with our complete outdoor collection. And for how to care for your new teak furniture, see our downloadable care guide.


If you are planning to designate your outdoor design for dining, first things first: find a table. Whether you prefer (or can fit) a rectangular, square or round shaped table in your outside space, there are a few to choose from.


For a narrower balcony, a good option could be one of our outdoor teak dining tables, such as the BALMORAL 150x80cm or 180x80cm. If you have a bit more space to play with, try these: 150x100cm, 180x100cm or the MANDALAY cross-leg design in 180x90cm.

Square or Round

Depending on the shape of your outside area, be it a small courtyard or garden or balcony, a square or round dining table may be more appealing. The BALMORAL 80x80cm or 100x100cm are both suitable for smaller spaces.

If you prefer the familial feel of a round dining table, the MAUI D120cm is a perfect piece.

Bar Tables & Chairs

A bar table is another good option to keep a small space tidy. The BALMORAL bar table is available in a few different sizes and a chair with or without a back. Just what you need for casual dining.

Benches & Chairs

Maui Outdoor Teak Dining Table 150 + Balmoral Black Wicker Outdoor Dining Chair mood close

You might like a bench or chairs to pair with a dining table or equally, if you are really tight on space, then as a place to sit, taking in fresh air without taking up too much valuable floorspace.

For benches, we love the Balmoral 120cm or 150cm for its minimal design, but equally, the Mandalay 180cm has a classic silhouette.

For chairs, the Balmoral chairs in Black Charcoal, Grey or Natural are an easy option for minimal space and also toning in with your existing interior design. Or a pair of the Maui dining chair is ideal set up with a coffee table in between.

Coffee Tables


And finally, sometimes just a simple coffee or side table is all you need: the Lanai is available in square 50x50cm or rectangle 90x55cm.

Browsing for garden furniture? Here’s everything you need to know in our complete outdoor buying guide. If you are looking to refresh your outdoor space, whether it is your balcony, verandah, patio, courtyard or garden, we have different sizes and styles to suit. All our outdoor furniture is crafted from solid teak wood, a weather-resistant choice that fades to a beautiful silver-grey.

Our guide contains information about each collection. It includes dimensions and seating options, and fabric choices so you can make sure you have found the perfect pieces for your home. Perhaps you need a smaller size piece to fit on a balcony or little apartment, or maybe you have the space to create an extra dining or living room outside. Whatever you are after, then you can find furniture that works for where you are.

And if you need a little extra help, then why not call one of our stores or visit to see a selection of the collection?

Remember, teak fades to a beautiful silver grey over time. The grain may roughen and colour marks may appear; this is its natural weathering process. As a living material, the timber ‘breathes’: expanding and contracting as it gets used to its surroundings and climate. This can result in small hairline cracks forming, that come and go as the timber settles; this is called ‘checking’. Most importantly, this is cosmetic and does not compromise the durability or strength of your furniture in the long term.

And if you have already chosen your pieces, then here is our care guide for you.

Here are our top tips for easy entertaining in a small home, whatever the size of your space. If you love entertaining like us, don’t let the size of your little house or apartment stop you. 

easy entertaining in a small home Chateau Extension Dining Table Close up image of timber table

Here are our top tips for easy entertaining in a small home, whatever the size of your space. 

If you love entertaining like us, don’t let the size of your little house or apartment stop you. 

Declutter your small home

It may seem obvious, but clearing away any extra small pieces from around your house – even just for an afternoon or evening – can make the world of difference. If you aren’t donating, then why not try baskets? They are a versatile option for keeping clutter at bay, whether it is your living room, bedroom or dining room.

Use outside space for easy entertaining in a small home

Make the most of the outdoors to extend your living space. Create an extra room by dressing up your patio or balcony, courtyard or small garden with some classic furniture. It is an easy way to be able to have more guests visiting at once. 

Rearrange seating for easier entertaining

Dining chairs can be moved aside and a dining table too, so that you have extra space for people to move around and chat without being constrained to one spot. Rather than a sit-down dinner, a more informal gathering gives you the chance to have a bigger get together without the worry of lack of space.

Here we show you how to style your glass cabinet. Because, trying to organise your home can seem a never-ending task, but creating a beautiful display can make fun of what may have been a mundane chore.

What makes a home, home? Those little bits and pieces, curios and treasures, that you find along the way. From holidays and far-flung travel to gifts and mementos, you can display them all in a glass cabinet, so that they are tidy, yet still there to inspire you. 

Here we show you how to style your glass cabinet in a few easy steps. Here are our top three things to consider:

start to style your glass cabinet

Textures to style your cabinet

To start, using different elements in your display with varying textures and colours too will create a styled cabinet that is not too ‘put together’. It will look effortless, yet eye-catching. Having an extra pop of colour can bring your display to life.

Variety in styling your cabinet

Choose a selection of pieces, such as books, mini statues, bowls. Make your selection as eclectic as you like, but just be mindful not to overfill your cabinet: clutter will make your display less appealing. 

How to style your glass cabinet
style your glass cabinet

Sizes to style your cabinet

Try to have a mixture of sizes. If you have some large coffee table style books, why not team with smaller bowls or candles. The bigger pieces can be the main focal point and help to join together your smaller treasures.

And if it takes you a few gos to get it right, then enjoy the process of moving things around.

Like what you see here? Explore our homewares collection and our hardwood collection. You could try the same idea with a bookcase, too.

neutral cushions small home decorating ideas

A small space and a small budget? It doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your home. Here’s how with our small home decorating ideas:

1. Refresh your cushions

This is an easy update, whatever the size of your home. You can stick to seasonal tones or just change the textures. Explore our cushion collection here.

2. Create a vignette

Using some of your existing books, artefacts or curios from travel (and perhaps a couple of new pieces), you can create a new vignette for your shelf

3. Swap your door knobs

Whether you have a new chest of drawers or an older piece, why not add a touch of colour with some new door knobs? Mix and match your favourites. If you prefer a simpler look then you can opt for more neutral tones.

4. Choose a tray 

A perfect spot for a tray is on your bedside, or to change a centrepiece on your coffee table. Simply as is, with some extra trinkets, or a book or two, a tray can refresh your look.

5. Add some plants and flowers

If you aren’t green fingered, then try some faux florals and greenery to zhush your space. Taller plants can add some height to a corner or bright flowers can add a pop of brightness to a tabletop. 

6. Renew your placemats

If you have some upcoming dinner parties, then why not change your dining design. Choose some new placemats and your dining table will feel like new.

7. Update your artwork

Try hanging a new piece on your wall to inspire you at home. A large oversized canvas or a smaller framed artwork can make it feel like a new home.

For more small home decorating ideas, see our gallery for inspiration or browse our furniture.

The latest Antique Chinese furniture is a mixture of original and reproduction pieces. There are over 100 new pieces coming in, so get ready to explore the complete collection.

Cabinet with 1 Door & 1 Drawers – 2023-070-R

Reproduction – New – Shandong

Cabinet with 2 Doors – 2022-117-O

Original – C. 1920 – Shandong

Recovered from rural provinces in China, the antique items are restored with care and consideration of the original design. Although some are similar in style, no two are the same, so your one-of-a-kind piece tells its own individual story.

Our reproduction pieces are made using traditional techniques to honour the early twentieth century designs. These reproduction pieces are crafted in a variety of styles.

See the full collection here.

Maui Outdoor Teak Dining Table 150 + Balmoral Black Wicker Outdoor Dining Chair mood close

Here is our Outdoor Teak Furniture Care Guide, so you know all you need to in looking after and maintaining your new garden furniture. Crafted for longevity, the timber is already treated, sanded and polished for you. You don’t need to treat it with oil as teak wood has its own natural oils, that evaporate and leave a beautiful silver-grey finish. 

To keep it in tip-top condition, you can use a gentle hose (not high-pressure) and mild soap as and when needed. You can also sand it down (with fine sandpaper in line with the grain) if it becomes slightly rough through its natural ageing. 


This is the easiest option really, and only needs minimal cleaning: only to remove any stains or sooty mould that can form.

  • Gently use a normal household plastic bristle brush in line with grain with some mild soap in warm water (steel wool or wire brushes are too much). Rinse afterwards with clean water. 
  • For stubborn stains, use fine sandpaper working the direction of the timber grain. The teak will soon mellow to match the existing silver-grey wood.
  • Once it is completely dry, you can apply a thin layer of sealant (SURE SEAL TILE AND GROUT SEALER) to help minimise stains, as a once-a-year treatment. Just follow the instructions provided. Note though that if you do this, you cannot oil the timber as it will not soak in.


This option does require upkeep, with regular cleaning and re-coating, as the colour can weather irregularly. 

  • To keep the original honey hue and slow the ageing process, use a furniture oil with both sunscreen and anti-fungal properties. We recommend either RUBIO MONOCOAT or OSMO DECKING OIL (note, Osmo in Clear will ever so slightly change the colour of your furniture). Please contact the stores for further information.
  • For stubborn stains, use fine sandpaper working the direction of the timber grain. The teak will need to be re-oiled after.


  • Wipe with a damp, clean cloth and mild, soapy water. Rinse with clean water thoroughly. Allow to dry completely.


  • 100% Olefin, the covers are removable. Wash at 40 max. Tumble dry low. Iron at low temperature. Do not dry clean. 
  • Please note, colour may vary from batch to batch. And in spite of its properties, climate and use will affect the durability. 
Environmentally Friendly
100% solution dyed olefin yarn: a clean process adding the colour prior to making the fabric, avoiding excess water waste and pollutants.
Water Repellent
Each fibre is protected to keep the fabric dry.
100% Olefin yarn is resilient and durable, as well as recyclable.
UV Resistant
Capable of blocking over 97% of UV rays, this fabric has exceptionally high UV protection.
Colour Fast 
To protect against fading from weathering, chlorine water and sea water.
Soil & Stain Repellent
The fabric is treated to reduce absorption of dirt. It is also anti mildew.

And our new outdoor teak furniture collection

Here’s all you need to know about teak when buying our garden furniture. Crafted with longevity in mind, we use teak wood for our outdoor furniture. Teak is well-known as a perfect timber for outdoor furniture. Solid teak is heavy-weight, strong and durable, with a straight grain. The natural oil inside protects against the elements, from rain and wind, to heat and cold. This oil also acts as a natural barrier making it resistant to water, pests and decay. 

The furniture is designed to age from its rich honey colour quickly to a beautiful silver-grey finish if left outside and untreated. But if you prefer, you can oil it to keep the original golden tones.

Drying Process

Photography: Poppy Peterson Photography www.poppypeterson.com.au

The teak is slowly kiln dried to 12-15% moisture content to prepare it for use outdoors. This is the optimal point for it to be able to withstand the harsh extremes of the Australian climate. 

Timber naturally expands when wet and contracts when dry, but teak wood only does this very slightly at this point, making it ideal for garden furniture.

Fittings and Joinery

Mandalay Cross Leg Outdoor Teak Dining Table 210x100cm - Balmoral Natural Chair. mood

Attention to detail: using stainless steel is essential. It is a simple but important part of the furniture, to ensure the furniture stays strong and durable. The furniture is all machine made from plantation teak, with machine-made mortise and tenon joints. Along with the stainless steel fittings, this makes the furniture as strong as it can be. 


Balmoral Outdoor Teak Dining table + Bench a on grass by water

Designed with simplicity in mind, the outdoor teak furniture collection is both functional and beautiful.


2 EI-201 Lanai Outdoor Teak Lounge 1 EI-203 1 EI-204 edit

The cushion fabric is specially crafted for daily use and weather including sunlight and UV rays, even in the Australian climate. The fabric is solution-dyed and fade-resistant. Oftentimes, fabrics are woven first into yarn and then dyed to their colour, so the yarn at the core is white and the colour will fade eventually. Solution dyeing is when the dye colour is added to the liquid fabric solution prior to it becoming yarn, so the colour runs through from the centre of the yarn to the visible outer part. It is also mildew resistant, water repellent and quick drying. 


Photography: Poppy Peterson Photography www.poppypeterson.com.au

UV protected, this is a durable, all-weather wicker, again crafted for longevity. 

Hand-woven from synthetic (100% recyclable HDPE plastic) wicker, it is easy to maintain (simply dust with a soft, dry cloth). It means you can create the comfort you have indoors, outdoors. The weaving is an inherited trade passed from generation to generation, making each piece one-of-a-kind. 


Sourced from sustainable plantation timber, the teak forests are controlled and looked after by the Indonesian government. This protects against illegal logging, and accreditation guarantees the chain of custody from the plantation to you.

Outdoor Teak and all-weather wicker chairs and small side coffee table with plants on balcony

Welcome to our latest collection: Outdoor Teak Furniture. Crafted from solid natural teak wood, which is known for its ability to withstand the elements thanks to its natural oils, these are perfect pieces for your outdoor space all year round. From covered balconies and verandahs, to exposed patios and gardens, make the most of your time outside. Our Outdoor Teak Collection is designed and crafted with both beauty and functionality; simple designs that are timeless classics. 

Grown in plantations, the teak is durable and sustainable. The natural oil found in teak wood helps protect against insects and rotting. As the oil evaporates, the natural teak is designed to fade outside over time to a beautiful silver-grey patina. This can happen quickly in just a matter of months in the Australian climate being exposed to strong sunshine and harsh weather.

Please note: Teak fades to a beautiful silver grey over time. The grain may roughen and colour marks may appear; this is its natural weathering process. As a living material, the timber ‘breathes’: expanding and contracting as it gets used to its surroundings and climate. This can result in small hairline cracks forming, that come and go as the timber settles; this is called ‘checking’. Most importantly, this is cosmetic and does not compromise the durability or strength of your furniture in the long term.

Beautiful. Practical. Comfortable.

Available in store now.

Photography: Poppy Peterson Photography www.poppypeterson.com.au


Do you wonder how you can have a Hamptons style interior? Create a calming, coastal sanctuary at home with a welcoming colour palette of white, natural neutrals and a dash of soft blues and creams and even greens. Appealing to an Australian lifestyle, our Hamptons collection is filled with smooth, bright-white surfaces, paler timbers and rattan finishes. For a Hamptons style home, think sun-filled rooms with a sea breeze floating through.

How to create a Hamptons home

Here’s how to bring the laid-back look of an effortlessly put-together Hamptons house into your own home.



Neutral tones and natural fabrics help create the classic Hamptons look. Our VALENTINA bed frames and bed heads sit perfectly with a white, coastal style. A simple wardrobe in white, or if you already have a built-in, how about a chest of drawers and bedside table.


From books to little travel souvenirs, these all add to your Hamptons style. This Hamptons bookcase (also available as a large bookcase) is the perfect place to display these treasures. An entertainment unit is an obvious addition for when you are relaxing, as well as a side table or two. Don’t forget those all important decorative accessories. Find the perfect shelf-fillers and curios for a corner here in our homewares collection.



Choosing a solid hardwood dining table like this one or if you have the space, the Hamptons extension dining table, adds a touch of natural timber tone to soften an all-white look. Classic Cafe style chairs like these (also in a selection of other colours) are an easy addition, and are light enough to move around, too.

If you prefer a simple hardwood interior, you can browse our hardwood collection here.

From dining tables to console tables to side tables and more, our extensive hand-crafted hardwood collection is simple in design with warm, honey hues. These furniture pieces showcase the beauty of the natural wood grains, patterns and tones.


Brittany square dining table mango hardwood

With pieces inspired by eighteenth-century French furniture, the Brittany collection is carefully hand-crafted from our signature mango timber with delicate details and small spherical aged-metal handles. A more traditional style than Montana and New York.


Chateau Buffet 180cm mango hardowod

Characteristic of French Provincial style, the Chateau collection is hand-crafted from sustainable mango wood. Fixed and extension pedestal tables, bow-fronted chests of drawers, buffets and consoles with delicate aged-metal handles.



The Deauville collection comprises butterfly-leaf extension and fixed dining tables, all in detailed parquetry designs. Utilitarian, yet with a quiet grandeur, these are inspired by French Provincial style. Available in a selection of different hardwood.


HAMILTON-CONSOLE-110-SIDE mango hardwood

Straight, modern metal handles, clean straight lines and a simplicity of design. A perfect balance: Hamilton mango timber pieces work seamlessly with traditional and contemporary interiors alike.



Montana is a contemporary yet timeless collection of simple, boxy hardwood storage and display units, desks and tables. The natural grain and warm toffee tones are beautifully showcased by careful craftsmanship and minimal design.

New York


Clean lines and a contemporary feel are characterised by the New York collection. Hardwood grains and markings add that something extra to each piece, making every hand-crafted piece unique. Dining, living, working: all made easier with New York.


Newport collection Console Medium

Simple solid mango hardwood pieces which work well in both traditional and modern interiors make up the Newport collection. Sleek designs are mutually enhanced by the visible grains and markings.



The Phoenix collection has a Mediterranean influence in its design, with cross-leg detail tables and cross-detail bookcases. Hand-crafted from our signature warm toffee-toned mango timber.


Bellagio-Oak-Extension-Table-One-Leaf white cedar

Bellagio is a contemporary hardwood collection with straight-line designs. Alongside buffets and TV units, Bellagio also includes our signature plain and parquetry extension dining tables in white cedar hardwood.

If you prefer a lighter look, see our HAMPTONS collection.


If you’ve ever wondered why we use mango wood for our handcrafted furniture, read on to find out all about this tropical hardwood and why we love it.


Our exclusive collection of solid mango hardwood furniture is handmade in our factory in Java, Indonesia. Why do we use mango and why should you choose it? Once the mango trees have stopped bearing fruit, the timber is a byproduct which can then be used as a sustainable option for furniture.


We design our handcrafted and finished signature mango hardwood pieces. For over 20 years, our factory in central Java has been a leader in the manufacture of this solid wood furniture. A combination of contemporary, sleek design and more traditional styles mean you can find the perfect piece for your home.


Plain detail of mango piece table top - SHACK Bellagio dining table

Our six-step tinting process creates the rich and warm tones of our honey stain. Beautifully hand-crafted, each piece is unique displaying its own natural character. The mango hardwood grain is known for its mottled lines and distinct tiger stripes in its appearance. The individuality makes each piece a one-of-a-kind item for your home.


Every piece of furniture in our hardwood collection is kiln-dried to 10-14% moisture content. This is the optimal percentage for the Australian environment. Mango wood is also easy to maintain and care for, simply wipe with a clean cloth and remember to protect from heat, cold or chemicals, using placemats, coasters or a tablecloth. Please note that they are treated for indoor use only.


Through the local farming community, we sensibly source the raw materials for our furniture. The timber is selected from the older fruit trees. In spite of being a byproduct from the mango fruit industry, this tropical hardwood is absolutely ideal for furniture making. In using this timber, the workers can in turn plant new saplings that can grow and mature, and thus continue the sustainable cycle. This rejuvenation process also provides an extra income stream for farming communities and benefits the growers and the makers. 

You have found your perfect rattan Raffles chair, now here is how caring for your rattan is easy and you can keep it looking its best and lasting well.

Finished rattan furniture is strong, durable and long-lasting. It requires minimal maintenance: just dust with a soft, clean cloth or the brush attachment of your vacuum.

The rattan is fumigated, which as well as giving it its honey hue, also means it is bug-repellent. If there are any spills, just take care of these straight away with a soft cloth and lukewarm, soapy water. Caring for your rattan has never been easier.

Rattan: a sustainable choice 

You are choosing a sustainable option, as rattan is a fast-growing plant that can be harvested year round. We have worked for years with the same workers and weavers. They handcraft our rattan pieces from our own designs. In doing so, we have built close relationships with our team of craftsmen, who combine sourcing the natural materials, along with using the traditional artisanal techniques passed from generation to generations in their villages. Each unique new design is inspired by old world charm.

From the forest to your front door 

You can see the incredible workmanship that goes into each piece with the intricate detailing. Using a sustainable natural material like rattan means each piece is one of a kind. Each has its own variations of honey hue and markings. These show the origins: visible marks of natural individuality and imperfections of the fibres where they have journeyed from the forest to your front door. 


City living and spacious living don’t generally go hand in hand. With this in mind, here’s how to make the most of your home, whatever the size with our Shack Hack for small space solutions. We have our three top tips to help you have a clutter-free and calm home, from dining room to living room and beyond.

Clear some space

Clearing some space can in turn help to clear your mind. So in order to declutter, start by tidying. Think buffets, chests of drawers, bookshelves to store away pieces you don’t need out all the time, but would like easy access to at all times. Baskets can work wonders, too. Whether it is books and toys or paperwork, tools and curios, you can easily hide away bits and pieces to create a space of serenity.

Scale your furniture

As much as you may love an oversized dining table to entertain your friends and family night after night, it might not be the most practical solution for your living space. Try an extension table to help you out with extra seating when it is required. Or, a fixed round table can often work well in an awkward shape or size room. And if you have no designated office space, make your table work extra hard, by doubling up as a desk as well as a dining table. 

Simplify your designs

Opting for a simple design of furniture, lighter colours and fewer patterns can help create a less busy look at home. This in turn will create a calmer ambience, and what more could you want than feeling at peace in your own space? If you prefer a one-off piece, browse our Antique Chinese collection. There are a few different options depending on the size of furniture you need, all with plenty of storage to help you find some of your own small space solutions.


Here comes the sun

Welcome summer with whites: bright whites and pale neutrals sing for summer. Breezy long days with that magical golden hour have us longing for an at-home overhaul and an all white summer refresh. Where better (and when better) to start than as soon as you walk through your front door. Here we take you room by room with some tips to add some refreshing white furniture throughout your home.


Hallway / Living Room

If you have the space for it, the Hamptons Buffet is light, bright and white. A perfect piece to make a space feel cleaner with its plentiful storage.


Kitchen / Dining Room

The Hamptons Barstool in white is an easy addition to any open-plan living space. Whether it is to perch on for breakfast or chat with friends as you cook, they are a versatile piece that are easy to move around at home.


Sitting Room / Office

Whether you need a bookshelf or somewhere to style your collection of curios, we love the openness of the Hamptons Bookcase. Also available in an extra large style, if you need a bit more storage space.



An easy bedside table option, the Hamptons Open Bedside Table is compact, yet easy to hide all those bedside bits and pieces.

The Shack Gift Guide 2022 is here!


Your gift-giving guide to get you through the festive season: our edit of the best presents is ready: see the full gift guide here.

Discover gifts from under $25, under $50 or under $100. Or if you prefer to find a theme that suits your friends, family and extensive list:

Head in store to see even more, or if your shopping is done, but you need to update your space before the guests arrive, take a look at our complete collection of furniture, homewares, or find inspiration in our gallery.


Need that perfect Christmas table setting? Host yourself a merry little Christmas this year with our how-to guide for December dining.

Update your dining space this December. Impress more and stress less this festive season with our how-to guide to set the dining table for Christmas. We have easy decorating ideas to make everyday dining – as well as Christmas dinner parties – that little bit more special.

Find your table

An extension table is a perfect piece for family gatherings and festive celebrations to give you that little bit of extra space. Need to find your table and chairs? See our buying guide.

Make some space

Your dining table is bound to be laden, so create extra space and use your buffet or sideboard or even a coffee table or side table. Remember to protect your table, too.

Create your theme 

Adorn and decorate your table (and indeed your dining room) with a theme to make your party feel extra special. Think outside the box: a coastal theme (think shell placemats and coastal decorative accessories) or keep it simple and rustic with a boho theme (think timber trays or chopping boards). Layer different bowls and trays together (space depending).

Add your centrepiece

Faux foliage (see in store), flowers or find some fresh stems and leaves to add a subtle touch of nature to your table. Or for an evening affair, perhaps some candles to create ambience. Echo the shape of your table: create a circular centrepiece on your circular table or add buds and candles or small shells, timber beads along the length of a rectangular table.

Finish with flair 

The little things that make a difference. Make name cards at each setting, a simple linen or cotton napkin and a small favour such as shell decorations.

You’re ready to celebrate, now just add family & friends.

The perfect table setting for sunny Sundays or Saturday evening get-togethers: there’s something special about sitting with family or friends for a meal. Here’s our how-to for creating that setting you and your friends will remember.  


The perfect table setting is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Placement

Hamptons extension dining table and cafe chairs

Whether you decide to sit indoors or outdoors, have a think about how much space you have when you set the table and be sure to have enough room for each guest. Around 60-80cm for each place setting should be sufficient, so that everyone can easily get in and out of their seat as well as have enough space to eat. Adorning your table with placemats and trays can create an instant setting, as well as being useful. not just for looking pretty: they are functional too, protecting your tabletop. 

2. Centrepiece


We love a fresh floral arrangement (who doesn’t?), but these can be troublesome, especially when it’s hot in summertime, as they may wilt in the heat. So why not try an artificial arrangement, that you can re-use for party after party. Head in store to see some of our faux florals to use either along the table length or in a sculptural vase. Not enough space? You can always decorate a nearby sideboard or buffet, leaving more room for food. 

3. Ambience

Hamptons Dining Table Cafe Chairs

Candles add instant cosiness. But, if you are unsure of naked flames when there’s already a table burgeoning with food, try a battery-operated candle instead. Head in store where we have a simple solution with faux-flame candles that flicker. Team together in varying sizes. 

Need more than just the settings? We have a few buying guides to help you find your perfect table: from extension tables to fixed dining tables. Or if you are after chairs, try: upholstered chairs buying guide

Like to learn more? Here’s our festive table guide for you and your guests.

Here’s our Chateau Extension Dining Table buying guide, to help you find your perfect piece.


Chateau Extension Dining Table Close up image of timber table

The Chateau round extension works well in large open floor plans and square layouts. Handcrafted from white cedar, and available in Toffee or Natural finish with a delicate parquetry design, a round extendable table can create an intimate, social atmosphere for 6-8 guests.



CAPACITY: 4-6 people


CAPACITY: 6-8 people (10 if with Hamptons Cafe Chairs)


Toffee Finish | Parquetry
Natural Finish | Parquetry



The larger butterfly-leaf table has a bearing cable track that opens both sides together; the smaller has standard timber runners that need to be opened manually at either end.

  • Pull one end of the table top, then the other end to open (the larger opens at the same time).
  • Stand on the side with the metal bar and just lift the timber hinged piece to a right angle.
  • Then open the butterfly leaf – either just one or both to extend fully.
  • Push the table top back together and you are set.

Explore all the available extension dining tables online or shop in store to choose your ideal extendable dining table. Our team is always happy to help you with size and styling queries, as well as demonstrate our furniture collection.

Here’s our buying guide for the Hamptons Extension Dining Table, to help you choose your perfect piece.


A large extendable table for coastal and French Provincial-inspired homes. With a textured, natural white cedar top and contrast antiqued white mango timber legs, this table can comfortably seat from 8-14 guests with our Hamptons Cafe chairs. Two extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table.


LARGE DIMENSIONS: 210-260-310cm 

CAPACITY: 8 / 10 / 12-14 people

COLOUR: Natural White Cedar finish




  • Simply pull the table top from either end, which automatically opens both sides.
  • Remove one or two leaves from the middle of the table.
  • Place the leaves on the metal runners and push the table top back together properly.
  • You can then store the leaves again post-party. 
Shack Hamptons Extension Dining Table white cedar natural top with white painted base

Explore all the available extension dining tables online or shop in store to choose your ideal extendable dining table. Our team is always happy to help you with size and styling queries, as well as demonstrate our furniture collection.

Here’s our buying guide for the Deauville Extension Dining Table collection, to help you choose your perfect piece.



The Deauville is our largest extendable dining table. The classic trestle pedestal legs allow for some serious entertaining, making it easy to fit more guests around the table. All in detailed parquetry designs, the style is utilitarian, yet with a quiet grandeur, and inspired by French Provincial style. The butterfly-leaf mechanism makes opening and closing this solid wood table effortless.


SMALL DIMENSIONS: 180-230-280cm 

CAPACITY: 6 / 8 / 10-12 people

LARGE DIMENSIONS: 210-260-310cm 

CAPACITY: 8 / 10 / 12-14 people


Toffee Finish
Oak Finish
Natural Finish



The butterfly 210-310cm has a bearing cable track that opens both sides together; the butterfly 180-280cm has standard timber runners that need to be opened manually at either end.

  • Pull one end of the table top, then the other end to open (the larger table opens at the same time).
  • Stand on the side with the metal bar and simply lift the timber hinged piece to a right angle.
  • Next open the butterfly leaf – either just one or both to extend fully.
  • Push the table top back together, and you are set.

Explore all the available extension dining tables online or shop in store to choose your ideal extendable dining table. Our team is always happy to help you with size and styling queries, as well as demonstrate our furniture collection.

BELLAGIO Dining Table line drawing outline
BELLAGIO Dining Table line drawing outline
BELLAGIO Dining Table line drawing outline

Here’s our buying guide for the Bellagio Extension Dining Table to help you choose your perfect piece. If you already have your dining table, why not take a look at the rest of the Bellagio collection.


Dining table and dining chairs in dining room Shack Bellagio extension table natural finish
  • A simple design with clean lines: perfect for everyday living.
  • Two loose extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table.
  • Available in different stain finishes: Toffee (parquetry top), Oak (parquetry top), or Natural (plain top).


SMALL DIMENSIONS: 150-190-230cm 

CAPACITY: 4 / 6 / 8-10 people

LARGE DIMENSIONS: 180-230-280cm

CAPACITY: 6 / 8 / 10-12 people




  • Simply pull the table top from either end, which automatically opens both sides.
  • Remove one or two leaves from the middle of the table.
  • Place the leaves on the metal runners and push the table top back together properly.
  • You can then store the leaves again post-party. 
Bellagio Oak Extension Table

Explore all the available extension dining tables online or shop in store to choose your ideal extendable dining table. Our team is always happy to help you with size and styling queries, as well as demonstrate our furniture collection.

Need a little more guidance? Our buying guides can help:

Extension Table Buying Guide

Fixed Table Buying Guide

For a closer look at each design and more information, see our buying guides:
Bellagio Extension Buying Guide | Deauville Extension Buying Guide | Hamptons Extension Buying Guide | Chateau Extension Buying Guide

The wooden and woven collection

Overwhelmed by choosing a chair? Sit down, settle in, and let us guide you through our simple and natural wooden & woven rattan chair collection for how to choose your dining chairs. Especially with little ones or pets around, these chairs are an easy choice for everyday living. They are also an easy interior style to work with at home.


Before buying your dining chairs, measure your dining table, so you know how much room you have and work out how many chairs can fit around your table. If you need help, you can visit our stores.

1. The length and width of your table (or circumference if it is round) – each guest will need about 60-80cm as a place setting. This gives enough space but still close enough to talk.

2. The height of the table top (from the floor to underneath the table top) – to help you work out how much leg space you have. This means you and your guests don’t feel too cramped. 

3. The seat height – measure from the floor to the chosen chair seat so you have ample leg space for guests, ideally 30cm.



Think of the colours at home and how you’d like to pair these. Match pale timber chairs with pale timber tables, and dark with dark. We have mid-tone oak that can be paired with darker or lighter tables, if you don’t want anything too matchy-matchy. Each chair is designed with simplicity in mind. The rattan options can be teamed with any of our tables



A carver chair or chair with armrests: the woven Hamptons Raffles Chair can work twice as hard, as either a dining chair, or equally as an occasional chair. These obviously add to the comfort level at your dining table, but are a wider option, so be mindful of your space and also whether you want the arms to tuck in under the table top or not. 



The high-back design of the Chateau timber chair is a solid, heavy piece crafted from our signature mango wood.


The other high-back design is the Newport timber chair, which can be pre-ordered. It is also a heavy choice, crafted from mango wood.


For a more relaxed choice, try the soft curves and rattan back and seat of the Bellagio Dining Chairs.


Bellagio Dining Chair – Natural Finish


Bellagio Dining Chair – Toffee Finish

Or try the classic cross-back of the Hamptons Cafe Chairs with a rattan seat:

Still need a dining table? See our fixed dining table guide here or see our extension dining table guide here. If you want to choose fabric dining chairs, see our upholstered dining chair guide here.

For more inspiration, follow our instagram.

You’ve taken the time to find your furniture – now it’s time for you to take your piece home and love it. To make it last longer, a little care goes a long way. So here is how to care for your lacquered furniture.


Natural hardwood is a long-lasting, durable material, making it ideal for everyday living at home. The furniture is crafted with great care and treated with a lacquered finish that not only enhances the beauty of the timber grain, but also makes your life easy, as day-to-day cleaning is simple. 

To extend the life of your new piece and avoid any lasting damage, just remember to follow these 3 steps:


Be mindful where you choose to put your piece, avoiding direct sunlight, contact with air conditioning, and heat sources, such as a radiator or electric heater.


Dust with a dry cloth to avoid a build up of dirt, which can dull the overall appearance and potentially cause scratches on the surface. There is no need for using any cleaning product.


Use coasters, placemats, tablecloths, heat mats or other tableware to protect your table. Plastic mats often contain petrochemicals, which can cause the lacquered finish to break down and are therefore best avoided.

In addition, here are 7 top tips to remember:

HEATLacquered surfaces are tolerant of a bit of heat (such as plates or tea cups), but oven-to-table dishes will need a heat mat. If you can’t hold it from the heat, then neither can your table. 
CONDENSATIONFrom too hot or too cold pieces, a cloudiness can appear from condensation. This cannot be undone. 
WATERResistant to water but note, not waterproof. So if there are any spills, always clean these up straight away so the water doesn’t soak deeper into the timber and dry with a soft clean cloth.
ALCOHOLAnd also chemical cleaners, nail varnish remover, fragrant oils, any chemicals. These will strip the lacquer should they come in contact with the lacquer surface.
PETROCHEMICALSThese can be present in rubber or plastic products and if left on a lacquered surface will likely lead to chemical migration, causing the lacquer to dissolve and strip away. Please be specially mindful of rubber or plastic coated sports equipment.
SPILLSUse a damp cloth to mop up any spills and then buff with a dry cloth (a microfibre cloth is perfect). Always move in the same direction as the natural grain. 
DECORATIVE OBJECTSBe sure to use felt protectors on the base of any decorative pieces you use on the surface to avoid scratches. 


This furniture is not designed for outdoor or outdoor undercover use, but even if kept inside, fading and movement of timber is inevitable over time. Temperature and humidity changes can cause small imperfections, cracks or colour changes to occur, but these are a natural part of an organic product such as hardwood and part of the beauty of their individuality. 

Selection of orange and white stripe pattern cushions

Springtime can often bring motivation for an at-home styling refresh, and changing your cushions is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to update your interiors in an instant. Whether it is to decorate your bedroom or make your living room more cosy, here’s how to style your cushions. We know it can be overwhelming when faced with so many options in a wall of cushions in store. Let us help you narrow it down. 

Not sure where to start your styling? Choose one cushion design you love and go from there. 

How to style cushions: COLOUR – TEXTURE – SIZE & SHAPE

Stack of plain colour Tess cushions

Pick a palette. If there are bright colours or lots of patterns, add in some neutrals to tone in with your existing interiors at home.

Jute Natural Cushion on timber floor against white wall

Linen and cotton are breathable options – perfect for little ones as they are practical and easy to clean. But why not add some natural Jute for a variation in texture?

Monochrome black and white Zoe cushions on wooden floor against wall

Remember comfort is key. Too many cushions just means extra tidying – as well as taking up too much space – so keep it minimal. Try layering different sizes: large square cushions at the back, followed by smaller square designs, then the mini rectangular lumbar cushions at the front.

Large oversized cushions are perfect to use on the floor, too (try the STELLA cushion). So when that rain just won’t go away – indoor picnic anyone?

The other room you might want to add a cushion or two is your dining room. Add cushions on a carver chair – try the Hamptons Raffles – or to a bench seat for extra comfort. The New York bench is an ideal addition to your hallway also, as a perfect place to sit and put your shoes on.

For more inspiration and ideas, follow us on instagram or visit our gallery.

Sit down, pull up a chair and relax, because dinner parties are back. Make sure you’re ready and your guests are comfortable as you while away the hours catching up over those long-awaited evenings all together. If you are unsure where to start, take a look at all of our dining chairs. Here is our guide to upholstered chairs to help you decide your own dining style. It might also help you set up a work-at-home study or office space. Need a table, too? See our Extension Dining Table Buying Guide or our Fixed Dining Table Buying Guide for a helping hand.

All of our upholstery fabrics are durable, strong and lightly textured. They have a teflon coating to help protect them in day-to-day use. Woven from 100% polyester for durability, the upholstered chair collection is perfect for relaxed everyday living.

Design Options

Depending on your chosen interior style, there are four designs to choose from: New York, Hamilton, Arizona & Valentina.


In a more rounded shape back, the NEW YORK has a modern feel and cushioning to allow for extra lumbar support. It sits well with a variety of table designs.

With a slightly higher back than the New York, the HAMILTON has a sleeker silhouette and an ergonomic shape for support.


A high-backed square silhouette and deeper seat, the ARIZONA tends to suit a more formal dining area or study space.


A more traditional style, the VALENTINA has a high, square back, with tufted-button detailing. Like the Arizona, this has a deeper seat.

Frame & Legs

The frame and legs of the upholstered chair collection are crafted from rubber wood. As a natural material, slight variances in colour, tone and grain patterns are expected. The seat and back have a high-density foam inner that is firm, but softens over time. As shown below, there are two colour options for the legs of your chair, to co-ordinate with your dining table or extension table or other furniture nearby at home.


HONEY – A darker, warmer, richer stain, complementing the toffee and oak finishes.


NATURAL – A lighter stain, complementing the natural finish and also the oak finish.

Fabric Options

There are six different fabrics to choose from, as shown below. These vary from cool to warm, and from light to dark in tone, to suit your space.


ASH: A cool, pale grey fabric. Ash is soft yet durable. Suits pale timbers and white/grey interiors.


SHELL: A pale, yet warm creamy beige. Very soft to touch, Shell sits well with both lighter and darker wooden furniture. Suits warmer interiors rather than cooler grey. 


GRANITE: A darker grey with two-tone threads throughout. A more textured weave. Granite can sit with all timbers, but suits cooler-toned interiors. 


NOUGAT: A warm beige biscuit shade. Darker than Shell, this also sits well with most timbers, but suits warmer interiors than cooler grey. 


CHARCOAL: A very dark shade of charcoal, verging on black, depending on your lighting. Charcoal creates a strong monochrome look.


MOCHA: A mid-chocolate-brown. Mocha has the warm tones to sit well with our darker timber.

Please see the table below for an overview of all the available design options. Should you be unable to find it online, just call one of the stores.


After a wooden table? You’ve come to the right place: here is our fixed dining table buying guide. Not only does a natural material like wood add warmth and a certain homeliness with its unique appearance, but a solid timber table is practical and long lasting, too. Whether it’s for a formal dining room or an open-plan family living area (or even as an extra large desk – if space permits), here we take a look at the different options and finishes available to help you choose your perfect dining table now.

If you need to complete the dining set with chairs as well, take a look at our upholstered chairs buying guide or browse all our dining chairs.

Different sizes for different spaces

Many of our fixed dining tables are available in various sizes, and the smaller options are perfect for making the most of minimal space at only 150cm and under. In our buying guide, we’ve organised the tables for you into two sections: 4-6 seats and 6-10 seats.

Small home? Try these for size:

Chateau Collection

As a smaller option, the Chateau Round Dining Table is available in D100cm / D120cm / D150cm in a plain or parquetry finish.


Available in one size only, the Hamptons Round Dining Table is D100cm, making it an ideal piece for a small space.


The smaller version of the Brittany Rectangle Dining Table is 150x90cm. A detailed, slightly more delicate design.

For a smaller place, the New York Rectangle Dining Table is available in 150x80cm / 150x90cm, as well as plain or parquetry, and a matching bench.

Brittany Square Dining Table

The Brittany Square Dining Table is available in one size only: 100x100cm. A square table makes for a social table.


The New York design in square is available in two sizes for a smaller home: 90x90cm / 120x120cm.

If you have a bit more room to play with at home, and your dining room can fit a large dining table, here are the bigger choices from our collection. 


If you like the traditional pedestal leg design, the largest option of the Chateau Round Dining Table is 160cm.


The New York Square Dining Table has a biggest size of 160x160cm.


Brittany Dining Table

180x90cm / 220x100cm / 240x110cm / 300x120cm

Deauville Dining Table

Deauville Dining Table


New York Dining Table


Think about how you use your space and what you use your table for. Is it for cosy family meals? Is it for entertaining? Do you need one end to double up as an office space? From round to rectangle to square, we have different shapes to suit different spaces and different needs.


For a more familial feel, discover our round dining tables. They often feel more cosy and create a sense of togetherness.


A classic rectangular-shaped dining table is a simple and easy option with chairs. Try benches as an alternative seating choice.


Sometimes a square dining table is just what you need to fit a certain space or coordinate with other furniture pieces at home for unity.

Hamptons Round Dining Table
New York Dining Table Set
Brittany Square Dining Table


Whether you prefer a modern design with minimal silhouettes or a French Provincial look, there are a few to choose from. Most of our fixed dining tables are crafted from mango timber in our classic honey finish with its characteristic ‘tiger stripe’ pattern, in simple plain and various parquetry top designs. There is also the Hamptons Round Dining Table in a natural finish made from white cedar.

The style and size of the dining chairs you choose can also determine the number of seats you can fit around each table. Please note, our seating plans are based on our upholstered chairs, but using our Hamptons Cafe chairs you could seat more.

Natural Parquetry Top
White Cedar
New York
Toffee Plain Top
Mango Wood
Toffee Parquetry Top
Mango Wood

Explore the available options online and in store to choose your perfect dining table. Our team is always happy to help you with size and styling queries. If you are after something more flexible, explore our collection of extension dining tables, and browse our buying guide.


Colour variation in timber

As each piece is carefully crafted with natural timber, no two are exactly the same. Please expect slight variations in appearance, grain, colour and tone. Keep in mind that depending on the calibration of your screen colour the shades and colours will appear differently than when viewing in the shops. Colour will also vary depending on the lighting in your home. To view our furniture collection, please call a store to check availability and view.

The individual beauty of each timber table is showcased with the simple designs. Each tree is different and so each furniture piece is different. This means no two people will have exactly the same item; the colour, texture, pattern and tone vary depending on the grains, markings, knots and burrs. Every table is prepared to ensure it is in optimum condition for the Australian environment and many steps are taken to create the finished look of all of our wooden furniture. If you are looking to set up a few pieces together when you buy your table, we do recommend purchasing from the same shipment to ensure multiple timber pieces are more similar in colour and grain. 

Coastal style decorating for home: there’s nothing like spending a day by the seaside, the sound of the surf, soft sand between the toes and a touch of summer sun wrapping you like a warm beach towel. A feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation that you only wish could be recreated at home.

Home decorating with a coastal style has never been so easy with our inspiring range of homewares and soft furnishings at SHACK. Let’s take a look at some easy and subtle decorating tips, that will add a touch of coastal cool to your home.

Shells and Coral

Sea shells, big and small are a must-have beach accessory (they are also free if you are lucky enough to find a few at the beach). Scatter individual shells around bookshelves and coffee tables, or as clusters on decorative trays and dishes.

For a more opulent look, try a sea shell necklace, either standing on a console or sideboard, or hung as a featured wall art piece.

Seagrass and Wicker

Bring the outside in with natural fibres and textures. Seagrass, cane, wicker and rattan baskets can add a touch of style to a room and conveniently store laundry, kids toys and odd bits and pieces. Baskets are also handy as pots for indoor plants, and can freshen up any greenery.


Just like the ocean, using different tones of blues across home décor and soft furnishings can create a calm and soothing atmosphere at home. From cushions in varying shades of blue, to door knobs to adorn a simple solid wooden cabinet.


If you are a bit weary of using colour, then consider styling with a neutral colour scheme for a sophisticated Hamptons vibe. Try playing with different textures, natural materials, and layering for a relaxed but sophisticated look. Cover sofas and bed ends with throws in linens, knits and cottons.

Valentina Queen Bed Frame

Look for decor that can work together in clusters when styling a sideboard or console. Use texture and shades of whites, beige and cream for an appealing and harmonious look. Wall art can be a simple but striking way to bring a room to life and add another point of interest.

For more coastal style inspiration and to view our homewares, head into your nearest store.

What’s good Feng Shui you say? This Ancient Chinese “art of placement” has been practised for thousands of years and is still used today for designing interiors and exteriors. Now you too can create a thoughtful and happy home by following our simple guide below.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a practise based on how we interact with our environment. By thoughtfully arranging the position of elements around us, we can harmonise the natural flow of energy. It’s believed that if you can maintain good energy at home, it will naturally flow into other areas of your life.

Create a focal point in a room

There should be a key point of focus as you enter any room. This helps centre a room and by styling around it you can set the tone and theme for the room. For living room areas ensure the that centre of the tv screen is at eye level when seated and artwork is not hung too high.


It’s all about balance with Feng Shui. Find harmony in your home by introducing pairs of objects. Whether it be in artwork (a pair of birds, fish or butterflies are nice), ornaments, cushions, armchairs or even bedsides.


Use artwork to create a focal point of view and inject some uplifting energy into a room. For front door entrances that have short distances between door and wall, feature wall art to draw your guests inside. Hanging mirrors on these walls at entrances are considered bad Feng Shui, as the good energy is reflected out of the home. For the bedroom, choose positive and peaceful imagery for a restful night’s sleep.


Use mirrors to reflect a beautiful view into your home, whether it be an outside garden or indoor greenery. Mirrors can make a space feel much larger than it is and draw in more natural light. Position them in spaces where you feel may need an increase in energy flow. If certain rooms feel too frantic or busy, inserting a mirror into the room can create a calming and more relaxed atmosphere.


Introducing nature into the home, helps with the purity of air and creates a calming and peaceful setting. A combination of real plants and artificial plant and flowers for hard to survive areas will create positive energy and reduce stress. Decorate your potted plants in baskets and stands made from natural materials such as woven seagrass, wicker and bamboo.

Position rounded leaf plants (such as rubber plants, fiddle leaf and bamboo) at the front door, which is the mouth of Chi energy. Ward off negative energy around computers with peace lilies, ferns and palms. Use tall, mature plants in the corners of rooms with sloped ceilings or heavy exposed beams to offset the heaviness and raise a low ceiling.


Try to expose rooms to as much natural light as possible throughout the day. Keep curtains and blinds open and for darker areas and use floor or table lamps to illuminate the room. Candles are wonderful for Feng Shui in the bedroom; not only do they clear the energy but they also create a sense of calm and warmth with their soft glow and lovely scents.


Choose brighter shades and grounding colours for more active areas such as the living room and hallways. If wall colour is too much of a statement for you, then consider integrating colour through accent pieces such as throws, cushions and artwork which can be easily updated.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Neutral “skin” colours from ivory, beige, toffee and brown are suggested for bedrooms. Other calming hues such as blues and greens are also suitable for quiet rooms such as the bedroom or study.

For more inspiration and decorating tips visit us in-store at one of our three store locations, our style experts look forward to assisting you.

Decorating with wall art is often left as the last task, or sadly forgotten about after outlaying most of your budget on furniture and homewares. But wall art doesn’t need to be expensive, or come from a gallery that only high-brow people visit. There is art out there for everyone, suitable for all tastes and budgets.

Art is the one element that can help convey an individual’s style and tell a story about the home owner. It can also be used to set a theme for each space in relation to colour, mood and story. One piece of art can create a sense of drama and make a room feel more complete. Sometimes it’s the easiest place to start with, designing a room around the wall art. Once you have identified colours and a mood, you can then consider picking up these colours in cushions, floor rugs and décor to help connect all the elements for a harmonious space.

But what should I go for? Abstract, impressionist, contemporary, pop art, portrait, photography and the list goes on. Go for what speaks to you. Art is truly subjective, and whether you are feeling calm, happy, sad, reflective or inspired, it should ultimately evoke an emotion from you when you look at it. It’s something that you will have the pleasure to look at every day, so find something that you connect with rather than buying for others.

How to hang your wall art

Picture hanging rail systems can turn your entire home in a gallery space for hanging art. If you have the option to paint your walls, use some magnet paint and turn your wall into an entire magnetic board. In a rental and unable to drill some screws in? Have no fear, it’s now possible with a few 3M hooks to hang artwork up to 7 kgs in weight. Consider canvas prints or frames that are lighter in weight to be on the safe side.

Where to hang your wall art

An important consideration is the placement of your artwork. A common mistake is to hang artwork too high. Keep artwork at eye level to avoid making your room appear much smaller than it is. A rough guide is to hang your art so that the mid-point of the frame is 145-150cm from the floor.

If your walls are higher than 2.5m then you can adjust your art to be higher than 150cm from the floor. If your art is over 3m tall, then disregard the mid-point and just try to keep at least 30cm from the floor. Try to keep as much consistency as possible when hanging numerous pieces in the one space.

When hanging art above a furniture piece such as a sofa or bedhead, leave roughly a 20-25cm clearance. You will want enough space so that the artwork does not feel overcrowded but at the same time visually connected to everything around it. Consider the width of the art too; for perfect proportion and balance, artwork should be roughly two thirds the width of the sofa, whether this is one piece or a set.

Artwork doesn’t necessarily need to be hung

Create the perfect backdrop for decorating a sideboard, console or buffet by leaning your favourite piece of art against the wall instead. Use it as the hero object, then cluster a few objects in front and around the piece to add more depth and layers.

Need some inspiration?

Click through the below slideshow to view some of our latest wall art currently. For enquiries and availability, contact your nearest store.

Framed Antique Protea on White I & II $795 each
Canvas Vintage Coral $69.95
Framed Crane & Wild Crane Prints $195 each
Les Palmiers on White II & IV $285 each
Tropical Mix Leaves & Monsteria Mix Leaves $130 each
Natural Tranquil Coppice I & II $295 each
Oil Painting 20 Squares $165
Oil Painting White Wash Flowers $345
Paper Birds I & II $235 each
Rikitea Black Palm Print $265
Seaweed Specimens I & II $320 each
Vintage World Map $230
Whimsical Oil Painting $220

There is no better time to re-decorate your home at the turn of a new season. As the leaves start to change colour, the morning air becomes crisp and it’s just a little bit harder to get out of bed, you know it’s time for Autumn. Feeling this change in season can be a welcome relief, allowing us to reset and re-energise our minds and homes. Decorating your home can be as little or as big of a task as you like. Consider if there are any key decorating pieces that will hold through the season, and what other elements could be brought in to inject new energy into the room.


Go large this season. Think upsized pillows like the Euro-size 60cm cushions for a plush and inviting sofa or bed. Bring in some warm and cosy throws in large open weaves.

Have an empty wall space? Try a decorative clock or create the sense of a space with a large round mirror.

Look for large pieces of artwork, but make sure that they are still within proportion to any pieces of furniture facing this wall (ie. they shouldn’t be any larger than the width of your buffet or sideboard). For impact try the matchy matchy look with a series of artwork, in large pairs or smaller sets of four or six spaced out evenly and generously.

For decorating on a sideboard or buffet, consider one or two pieces of décor that will be striking in size and substance. This is also a sneaky way of creating a stylish and refined home if you find it difficult trying to piece together multiple items.


Be inspired by nature and embrace the richness and vibrancy of this season’s trending colours. Rich emeralds, forest and mossy greens are vibrant and eye-pleasing; pair with neutrals for a toned-down look.

For those with a love affair for blues, mix navy with other earthy colours for a more subdued wintry look.

For a softer look try muted and dusty pinks in cushions, wall art and floral decoration.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

For the risk averse, warm up your neutral colour palette by injecting in some shades of black through decorative objects and wall art.

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset


The cooler seasons have us drawn to tactile objects and soft furnishings for comfort and warmth. Cushions are soft to the touch in sensual velvets and puurfect furs (faux of course!). Throws are woolly, multi coloured and chunky that can adorn a sofa or end of a bed for those cooler nights.

Our tips for transitioning into Autumn

Discover you new Scent

Freshen the air with scents that will create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The cooler months allow us to play with more indulgent and earthy scents. Use an oil diffuser, or for some ambience try lighting a few candles around the room.

Our Glasshouse Fragrances top picks for Autumn are Persia, Arabian Nights and Kyoto.

Get Organised

No more excuses for messy floors and tabletops. Use hooks to hang coats, towels and keys or large generous bowls for counter tops and consoles. For bigger items like toys, books and clothes, try a few different sizes of seagrass and wicker storage baskets for rooms.

Be Social

Just because it is getting cooler, doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Autumn is the perfect time for entertaining, as it’s just more comfortable to be inside and enjoy company over a cosy lounge setting or dinner table. Spruce up these areas with martini tables, bar carts and serving trays to show how wonderful a host you are!

Adding some greenery indoors is an easy way of injecting some colour and life to your home. Maintaining the life of an indoor plant can be tricky, particularly when there are so many variables affecting its well-being. Light, water and fluctuating temperatures can be enough to drive the greenest of thumbs mad.

Artificial greenery and flowers can be your forever friends. Never have the fear of keeping these plants alive, as they can last a lifetime. The plants and flowers seen in-store are on trend and in season, from lush green tropical potted plants and trees, to delicate and soft floral sprays. These plants are being snapped up by interior stylists and decorators, simply as they can enhance a room by adding structure, colour and dimension, plus require no maintenance.

When looking for greenery for your home, consider the types of colour that will mesh well with your space and the size and density required to fill the gaps. Consider stand-alone trees for impact in corner areas. Try clusters of small plants for walkways and decorating on furniture surfaces.

Let’s take a look at the hottest plants (and artificial ones!) to decorate your home with this season.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The most popular plant on Pinterest, and an all time favourite of 2017, has held its ground as a winner for indoor spaces in 2018. This tropical tree requires a lot of love and attention indoors, but can reward you with lush green leafy branches that can grow upwards to a couple of metres tall. But why put yourself through this pain, when you can find one in the exact height and thickness you need that will never turn brown or drop leaves!

Rubber Plant Tree

The rubber tree plant, has structure and balance with its robust, dark glossy leaves. Go for a large 1m rubber tree to decorate a corner or passageway. For a side table or console try a small 30-40cm size and group with a couple of other elements. For a modern look, the rubber tree with its rich colour and pink accents, can be styled with a simple white or black pot. For a softer, natural look go for a woven basket or terracotta pot.

Monsteria Deliciosa Plant

Also known as the swiss cheese plant, the Monsteria Deliciosa has been picked as the hottest plant for 2018. Large fanning, cut out leaves and bright tropical greens, make this plant a fascinating point of interest to any room. Find a nice corner and pot stand to let this plant truly shine. Style single leaf spray in a small vase on your coffee table, small side table or kitchen bench.

Alocasia Calidora

Also known as ‘elephant ears’ this tropical plant in the wild can grow up to 2.5 metres tall. Alocasia Calidora has wonderful palm like leaves that fan out and arch in a graceful way. The ribbed leaves heart shape leaves are a focal point and will enhance your room in a dramatic way.

Spathiphyllum Lily

The peace lily is a graceful plant that has an all year-round appeal. It blooms with white flowers around the leaf stalk that fade to a greenish or yellow colour over time. Style this plant in any space that needs a calming effect in a white or neutral pot.

Pathos Plant

A vining plant, this patterned foliage can add much need texture and interest to a room. The leaves are spotty white and green and cascade beautifully at great lengths. Style a bunch in a bowl or pot and allow it to hang over a bookcase or a sideboard. Bring it into the living area and style next to a lounge in a pot on a stand.

To view our wide range of greenery, artificial plants, flower and stems, head to your nearest SHACK Sydney store location. For more inspiration and the latest new season arrivals follow us on Instagram.

Spring has sprung! We chat with our interiors stylist Helena Blazina Elms who shares new and enduring home interior trends to get excited about this Spring.

What trends can we expect to see this season?

As we come out of Winter hibernation into the warmer months of Spring and Summer, our thoughts take us to places we might want to escape to or holiday. I think that most of the trends this season reflect this. This season at SHACK think of…..

JOSHUA TREE, California. Filled with rugged rock formations and desert landscapes. A new palette of neutrals, heavy weaves and textures.

CATSKILLS, New York State. Think mountains, rich with wildlife and hiking trails. Green is big and bring that green in with indoor plants and wicker baskets. Accessorise with mandalas, hippie floral, soft gold and carved wood. Use colour palettes of soft blues and pinks that are gentle with the  touch of bohemian love.

ST BARTS, Caribbean islands. White sandy beaches, blue skies, palm trees and yacht filled waters. Create your own island home with tropical cushions, corals and palm tree prints. Plus striking blue and white jars, beads and hurricane lamps.

How do you suggest working with these trends?

Firstly, be honest with yourself and look for pieces that connect with you rather than pieces that everyone else is doing. Look at what new trends might connect and refresh pieces you already have. Just one new piece of furniture, homeware or cushion story can totally refresh your home. Then remove or move existing pieces to create a whole new look.

If colour, is not your thing, is there another way to refresh a space?

Surround yourself with neutral tones and weaves and textures and do it all with abundance. Instead of mixing colourful patterns, mix neutral textures and muted colours and raw whites. Look to nature. Use timber furniture, decorative jewellery, indoor plants and mirrors for reflection. Bring the outside in. Think of where you would like to escape to and bring it home.

It’s time to buy an extension dining table. But what size and shape would suit your home? Extendable tables were designed to make the most of homes that needed to free up more usable living space. In Sydney, with each square metre of space at a premium, many apartments and houses require some thoughtful planning to get the most out of each room.

Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces

For the urban dweller, a small extension dining table offers a compact size, ideal for day to day meals and allowing greater flow between shared living and dining areas. Having the ability to extend a table to multiple sizes is an attractive option for small but growing families, working professionals, empty nesters and seniors.

The Bellagio Small Extension Dining Table made from solid mango wood can enhance any modern or rustic inspired interior. Styled with either upholstered fabric or cafe style chairs, this small extendable table can seat from 4-8 guests.

The table at its closed size (150cm wide x 90cm deep) has two extension leaves stored inside the table and can seat 4 to 6 guests. With one leaf inserted, the table will increase to 190cm wide x 90cm deep. This size gives that extra bit of space to enjoy for 6 guests around the table. With two leaves inserted, the Bellagio Small Dining Table grows to 230cm wide x 90cm deep. At this size, up to 8 guests can be comfortably seated around the table.

Extendable Dining Tables for Large Spaces

If you have recently upgraded to a new home or completed a home renovation, it might be time to consider upgrading to a larger dining table. As the family grows, and you find yourself entertaining friends and extended family more, a large extendable table could be a very practical solution.

The Bellagio Extension Dining Table

The Bellagio Large Extension Dining Table, available in solid mango wood (parquetry or plain top) or white cedar, is a simple, yet stylish design for everyday use. Styled with our upholstered or cafe chairs this table can seat from 6-12 guests.

Two extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table, and at its closed size (180cm wide x 95cm deep), the table can comfortably seat 6-8 people. With one leaf inserted, this table will extend to 230cm wide. At this size, 8-10 guests can be comfortably seated around the table.

With the two leaves inserted, the Bellagio Large Dining Table is now 280cm wide. This generous size can seat comfortably 10-12 guests around the table.

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    Extension Dining Tables

    Bellagio | Toffee Finish Plain | 150-190-230cm

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The Hamptons Extension Dining Table

The Hamptons Extension Dining Table is a large extendable table for coastal and french provincial inspired homes. With a white washed natural oak top and contrast antique white legs, this table can comfortably seat from 6-12 guests with our stylish Hamptons white cafe chairs in oak or rattan seat.

Two extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table, and at its closed size (180cm wide x 95cm deep), the table can comfortably seat 6-8 people. One leaf inserted increases the table width to 226cm wide and with both leaves inserted the table becomes a 10-12 seater at 270cm wide.

The Deauville Extension Dining Table

The Deauville Butterfly Extension Pedestal Dining Table has a refined farmhouse appeal and is our largest extendable dining table to date. The classic trestle pedestal legs allow for some serious entertaining, making it quite easy to fit more guests around the table (from 6-14 seats). The Deauville Butterfly Extension is available in solid mango wood with a parquetry top or in our lighter white cedar with a plain top finish.

Having a butterfly leaf extension makes opening and closing a solid wood table effortless. From its closed size this table stands at 210cm wide x 110cm deep allowing up to 8-10 guests to be seated.

Simply fold out one extension leaf to reveal a 260cm wide table that now can cater up to 12 guests. With both butterfly leaves extended this 310cm wide dining table can easily accommodate up to 14 guests.

The Chateau Round Extension Dining Table

The Chateau Round Butterfly Extension Dining Table works extremely well in large open floor plans, and square layouts. Handcrafted from solid mango wood with an immaculate parquetry design, a round extendable table can create an intimate, social atmosphere for 6-8 guests.

The closed circle shape is 150cm wide in diameter and can accommodate up to 6 guests. With the single butterfly leaf extended this table is now 200cm wide and is transformed into a stunning oval shape seating up to 8 guests.

Style and size of chair can also determine number of seats around a table. Our seating plans are based on our range of upholstered chairs, however it is possible to seat up to 10 on this table if being styled with our Louis oak cafe chairs in wood, rattan or linen seat.

With so many different styles and sizes available, it’s important to explore your options and choose an extension dining table that is right for your home and lifestyle. Our friendly team at SHACK are happy to assist you with size and and styling queries and demonstrate our wide range of extension tables in-store. For more information or to see our beautiful range of solid wood extension dining tables, visit your nearest store.

Group Homes Australia have been providing dementia care services across New South Wales. Group Home properties are purposefully nestled in local suburbs and give residents the opportunity to live and be involved in the local community. Each house is occupied by 6-10 residents and has been furnished to look and feel like an inviting home.

SHACK has been commissioned to undertake the refurbishment, interior design and styling of nine homes to date, and we are proud to have completed our most recent project at St Ives! Each home we have helped to create has its own unique style; featuring soft, period-sensitive décor to tastefully complement the house, area and lifestyle of its residents.

Living and dining areas of the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore Group Homes feature our signature mango wood collections. The Deauville parquetry pedestal dining table and Phoenix bookcase and coffee tables showcase beautiful craftsmanship and design that residents can enjoy in these common areas. Using our popular honey stain, we have added warmth and depth to these areas along with complimentary soft furnishings to create an inviting atmosphere for residents to relax in throughout the day.

Bedrooms are a welcoming and private retreat for guests, featuring our Hamptons furniture and Valentina linen bed heads. Soft neutrals appear in décor such as lamps, cushions and artwork to create a calm and relaxing space. The Delphine Armchair and ottoman provides residents a corner to contemplate and rest.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

A talking point for all our residents are found with the exquisite Chinese Antique furniture featured in common entry and hallways. Some of these pieces have origins dating back to the early 1900s from rural areas in China. The colours, pattern and history provide much stimulation for residents and their families to enjoy and admire.

Outside spaces, have been carefully curated by our in-house stylist Helena Blazina Elms. Each layer of styling creates a level of interest; furnishings and objects are tactile and designed to incite the senses. Various sitting and break out areas allow residents to enjoy visits from family and friends in more secluded outdoor spaces.

If you would like to find out more about Group Homes Australia and to see more of our beautiful range of furniture and homewares featured across their properties, visit GHA online.

The Hamptons look for home interiors has been welcomed around the world by interior designers and is set to be the hottest trend for Australian homes this Summer. We take a look at this interior trend and share our tips on how you can achieve this coastal style.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The Hamptons is a seaside haven for New York’s elite. This long stretch of coast and sandy beaches are dotted with rustic farmhouses, colonial style homes and luxurious beach pads. More than just a destination, the Hamptons “look” has become a revered style, replicated around the world by homeowners wanting to embody a sophisticated coastal lifestyle. A style that should feel fresh, relaxing and timeless.

The exciting thing about the Hamptons style, is that it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to achieve this look in any Australian home. Whilst on trend for Summer, this is a look that will keep you going year to year, and will allow you to refresh with décor and soft furnishings.

The Hamptons look is all about bringing the outside in. Keep spaces, as bright and open as possible, and let the light in! White walls and light coloured floors can make all the difference.

Easy updates to dining, living and bedroom spaces can be achieved with furniture that combines lighter stained timbers, and white washes. Designs can be rustic or modern, however try to keep a nice flow throughout your rooms. A timber sideboard or console is a wonderful way to set the Hamptons scene in your home’s entryway.

Rooms should create a calming atmosphere, styled to be relaxing by the sea. Consider a neutral colour palette (white, beige, oatmeal, soft greys) with hints of ocean inspired blues and greens, highlighted in décor, wall art, cushions and throws. Upholstered dining room chairs, lounges and rugs should lean towards sandy creams, beiges and light grey tones to help offset any accent colours you choose to decorate with.

Arizona Armchair decorated with neutral soft furnishings and decor

Get inspired by the sea, with shell and coral decor that can adorn a buffet, hallway console or bedside table. Decorate your walls with a set of ocean inspired prints or white washed, carved wooden decorations.

The Hamptons look should look fresh but also inviting. Create a sense of cosiness with throws in natural fabrics like cotton and linen, draped softly across lounges and beds. Play with cushions that vary in texture, material and size. Natural weaves, oversized cushions give a relaxed, live in look for some serious relaxation time. Lean towards lighter neutrals and faded blues for a calming effect.

Dress up empty corners with hurricane lanterns, or an assortment of natural seagrass and rattan baskets for some extra storage. Liven up a dull corner with some potted greenery, or decorate a table or surface with some white floral arrangements or light wooden decor.

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So you’ve recently furnished your new home, or have decided to give your home a makeover.  You’ve proudly pieced together all your key furniture items, but looking around, your home just feels like it is missing something. Do you have an empty hallway, a bare wall in your living/dining area or an odd nook in the house that could benefit from an accent piece? If the answer is yes, the time has come to purchase your first Chinese Antique furniture!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of finding the perfect Chinese antique furniture for your home. With so much variation in size, colour, finish and age, you will be sure to find a piece that will work with your current décor or be the start of something new.

A Chinese Antique, is more than just another piece of furniture. While it has the added value of filling a space and providing some extra storage, it’s the piece that is going to create the ‘A-HA’ moment as soon as you walk into the room. It could be the size, the colour, or the small details that make such a piece shine in your home.

For contrast and intrigue, look for a vibrant colour. Consider rich hues of turquoise blues, fuchsia pink, or for a greater touch of the oriental, try an opulent red with beautiful hand painted floral detail.

For an understated coastal or country style, seek out matte and raw finishes, in lighter & natural shades.

If colour is not your thing, consider rich chocolates and black for some grandeur to your space. Find interesting ways to utilise your Chinese Antique, as a bathroom cabinet or entertainment unit.

Don’t be afraid of your Chinese Antique’s perfect imperfections. Some date back as early as the 1800s, and as this furniture was used in Chinese daily life, wear and tear is a natural part of the overall look. Some restoration will have been undertaken to parts of the internal or external build to restore it to its former glory.

Never buy a Chinese Antique to fill a space but rather search for something you love. Find a size that is also right for your home, as while it is possible to put a piece in storage for the future, your Chinese Antique should be integrated into your life and enjoyed by others.

At SHACK, we seek out exclusive, one-off pieces that include an exquisite collection of storage trunks, consoles, armoires, small to large cabinets, buffets and sideboards. Our furniture has been crafted from elegant Chinese elm and recovered from rural provinces in China. Let us help you find your forever Chinese antique. Contact or visit your nearest store to take a further look at some previously sold pieces.

Choosing a dining table is an important decision for any home. Not only a place for gathering friends and family, the dining table is a focal point of any living space and can set the tone for the rest of your home’s furniture and decor.

A dining table should not only reflect your style but also be accommodating to your space and lifestyle needs. Let’s look at some of the considerations when buying a dining table.


Are you a growing family, or enjoy entertaining at home? Extension tables might be the solution. An extension table can make the most of limited space day-to-day but more importantly, provide the flexibility to extend to larger sizes. Perfect for accommodating family and friends for those special occasions.

Whether it be sharing food or stories, round dining tables are great for being social and provide a close, intimate setting for guests. Suitable for high traffic areas, the flow of the round table makes it easier to move around the room. A round table can look wonderful in compact spaces and square dining areas. Smooth, round edges also tend to give parents piece of mind, with children running about the house.

Square tables allow for a relaxed setting and easy conversation, typically seating four to eight guests. A square shape tends to work well in narrow dining areas, and have the most impact in rooms that are symmetrical to help maintain balance.

Rectangle tables tend to be the most popular dining table, as they work well in long and narrow dining areas, common to most homes. For small spaces, a rectangle table can be pushed up against a wall, to help maximise traffic areas. For larger homes, rectangle tables can come in sizes up to 3 metres in width, easily accommodating as many as 12 guests.

Choosing the right size

When considering the size of dining table, allow a minimum of 60-90cm space between the table and walls, or other furniture in the room. This buffer will ensure you have enough space to pull out chairs and move around the table. Having the wrong size table for a dining area, can not only be uncomfortable for guests, but also make the room appear much smaller and overcrowded.

How many people can you fit around a table

The number of people you can seat around a table, is not only dependent on table top size, but also the design of the table legs, chair seat width, and personal preference on space. With that in mind, a general guide to our dining tables:

Round dining table
100-120cm diameterSeats 4-6 people
150-160cm diameterSeats 6-8 people
Rectangle dining table  
150cm wideSeats 4-6 people
180cm – 190cm wideSeats 6-8 people
220cm-240cm wideSeats 8-10 people
260cm-280cm wideSeats 10-12 people
300cm wideSeats 10-14 people
Square dining table 
90cm wide Seats 4 people
160cm wide Seats 8 people
Extension dining table 
150cm wide (extending to 190cm to 230cm) Seats 4-8 people
180cm wide (extending to 230cm to 280cm) Seats 6-12 people 
210cm wide (extending to 260cm to 310cm) Seats 8-14 people

Finding the right chair to match

Are you keeping existing chairs or upgrading with your new table? Most people tend to forget how important it is to check the dining chairs are the right size for the table. While table heights can vary between 71-78cm high, so can seat heights from 45-48cm. Measure the table to chair height to ensure you can comfortably sit without cutting off the circulation in your legs. If you already have chairs, take their measurements with you when you go shopping. Every seat height is different which can impact how low or high you will sit at the table. We suggest to our customers to try all our chairs at each table, so they can find the most accommodating and comfortable fit.


Find the right style to suit your tastes but also the rest of your décor and furniture. Coastal homes may relish in creating a sophisticated Hamptons style. Bright and light dining tables with white washed legs and oak tops for a bright, relaxed beach style. Or go for a glorious solid wood pedestal dining table paired with comfortable, white upholstered chairs.

French Provincial style, while embracing the neutral palettes seen in the Hamptons look, will find tables with greater intrigue. Think more rustic, with rich wood colours, and ornate detailing seen in carved legs and parquetry tops.

The country home or farmhouse style, will reflect a more rustic look with solid wood tables in rich honey hues to create a warm and inviting ambience. Designs will be more traditional and will give off a strong, hardy look. A grand fixed or extension table with parquetry top can make a bold statement for entertaining and display.

For the modern home, find a balance with natural materials and keep the aesthetic quite minimal. Less is more with this style, tables should be simplistic in detailing, shapes will be symmetrical and edges straight. Lighter oak stains or rich, dark stains can create a dramatic effect needed for a contemporary home.

Some handy tips

  1. Measure your space. Dig up the floor plans of your home as a guide to working out room dimensions, Use grid paper to map out a plan, Use masking tape or newspaper to mark out where the table would sit, and make sure you have enough room to walk around and allow 60cm behind chairs to allow for ease of pulling out
  2. Ask for a sample of the colour stain if it is available. Furniture is generally displayed in stores under artificial lighting, so for a more accurate representation of the stain, it is best to compare the colour against your room’s lighting and floors.
  3. Bring in your chair from home, or try out all the chairs in the store to find your perfect fit.
  4. Find style inspiration on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram and bring in photos to share with our friendly team
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