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How to choose an extension dining table

It’s time to buy an extension dining table. But what size and shape would suit your home? Extendable tables were designed to make the most of homes that needed to free up more usable living space. In Sydney, with each square metre of space at a premium, many apartments and houses require some thoughtful planning to get the most out of each room.

Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces

For the urban dweller, a small extension dining table offers a compact size, ideal for day to day meals and allowing greater flow between shared living and dining areas. Having the ability to extend a table to multiple sizes is an attractive option for small but growing families, working professionals, empty nesters and seniors.

The Bellagio Small Extension Dining Table made from solid mango wood can enhance any modern or rustic inspired interior. Styled with either upholstered fabric or cafe style chairs, this small extendable table can seat from 4-8 guests.

The table at its closed size (150cm wide x 90cm deep) has two extension leaves stored inside the table and can seat 4 to 6 guests. With one leaf inserted, the table will increase to 190cm wide x 90cm deep. This size gives that extra bit of space to enjoy for 6 guests around the table. With two leaves inserted, the Bellagio Small Dining Table grows to 230cm wide x 90cm deep. At this size, up to 8 guests can be comfortably seated around the table.

Extendable Dining Tables for Large Spaces

If you have recently upgraded to a new home or completed a home renovation, it might be time to consider upgrading to a larger dining table. As the family grows, and you find yourself entertaining friends and extended family more, a large extendable table could be a very practical solution.

The Bellagio Extension Dining Table

The Bellagio Large Extension Dining Table, available in solid mango wood (parquetry or plain top) or white cedar, is a simple, yet stylish design for everyday use. Styled with our upholstered or cafe chairs this table can seat from 6-12 guests.

Two extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table, and at its closed size (180cm wide x 95cm deep), the table can comfortably seat 6-8 people. With one leaf inserted, this table will extend to 230cm wide. At this size, 8-10 guests can be comfortably seated around the table.

With the two leaves inserted, the Bellagio Large Dining Table is now 280cm wide. This generous size can seat comfortably 10-12 guests around the table.

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The Hamptons Extension Dining Table

The Hamptons Extension Dining Table is a large extendable table for coastal and french provincial inspired homes. With a white washed natural oak top and contrast antique white legs, this table can comfortably seat from 6-12 guests with our stylish Hamptons white cafe chairs in oak or rattan seat.

Two extension leaves are neatly stored inside the table, and at its closed size (180cm wide x 95cm deep), the table can comfortably seat 6-8 people. One leaf inserted increases the table width to 226cm wide and with both leaves inserted the table becomes a 10-12 seater at 270cm wide.

The Deauville Extension Dining Table

The Deauville Butterfly Extension Pedestal Dining Table has a refined farmhouse appeal and is our largest extendable dining table to date. The classic trestle pedestal legs allow for some serious entertaining, making it quite easy to fit more guests around the table (from 6-14 seats). The Deauville Butterfly Extension is available in solid mango wood with a parquetry top or in our lighter white cedar with a plain top finish.

Having a butterfly leaf extension makes opening and closing a solid wood table effortless. From its closed size this table stands at 210cm wide x 110cm deep allowing up to 8-10 guests to be seated.

Simply fold out one extension leaf to reveal a 260cm wide table that now can cater up to 12 guests. With both butterfly leaves extended this 310cm wide dining table can easily accommodate up to 14 guests.

The Chateau Round Extension Dining Table

The Chateau Round Butterfly Extension Dining Table works extremely well in large open floor plans, and square layouts. Handcrafted from solid mango wood with an immaculate parquetry design, a round extendable table can create an intimate, social atmosphere for 6-8 guests.

The closed circle shape is 150cm wide in diameter and can accommodate up to 6 guests. With the single butterfly leaf extended this table is now 200cm wide and is transformed into a stunning oval shape seating up to 8 guests.

Style and size of chair can also determine number of seats around a table. Our seating plans are based on our range of upholstered chairs, however it is possible to seat up to 10 on this table if being styled with our Louis oak cafe chairs in wood, rattan or linen seat.

With so many different styles and sizes available, it’s important to explore your options and choose an extension dining table that is right for your home and lifestyle. Our friendly team at SHACK are happy to assist you with size and and styling queries and demonstrate our wide range of extension tables in-store. For more information or to see our beautiful range of solid wood extension dining tables, visit your nearest store.

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