Top Indoor Plants

Adding some greenery indoors is an easy way of injecting some colour and life to your home. Maintaining the life of an indoor plant can be tricky, particularly when there are so many variables affecting its well-being. Light, water and fluctuating temperatures can be enough to drive the greenest of thumbs mad.

Artificial greenery and flowers can be your forever friends. Never have the fear of keeping these plants alive, as they can last a lifetime. The plants and flowers seen in-store are on trend and in season, from lush green tropical potted plants and trees, to delicate and soft floral sprays. These plants are being snapped up by interior stylists and decorators, simply as they can enhance a room by adding structure, colour and dimension, plus require no maintenance.

When looking for greenery for your home, consider the types of colour that will mesh well with your space and the size and density required to fill the gaps. Consider stand-alone trees for impact in corner areas. Try clusters of small plants for walkways and decorating on furniture surfaces.

Let’s take a look at the hottest plants (and artificial ones!) to decorate your home with this season.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The most popular plant on Pinterest, and an all time favourite of 2017, has held its ground as a winner for indoor spaces in 2018. This tropical tree requires a lot of love and attention indoors, but can reward you with lush green leafy branches that can grow upwards to a couple of metres tall. But why put yourself through this pain, when you can find one in the exact height and thickness you need that will never turn brown or drop leaves!

Rubber Plant Tree

The rubber tree plant, has structure and balance with its robust, dark glossy leaves. Go for a large 1m rubber tree to decorate a corner or passageway. For a side table or console try a small 30-40cm size and group with a couple of other elements. For a modern look, the rubber tree with its rich colour and pink accents, can be styled with a simple white or black pot. For a softer, natural look go for a woven basket or terracotta pot.

Monsteria Deliciosa Plant

Also known as the swiss cheese plant, the Monsteria Deliciosa has been picked as the hottest plant for 2018. Large fanning, cut out leaves and bright tropical greens, make this plant a fascinating point of interest to any room. Find a nice corner and pot stand to let this plant truly shine. Style single leaf spray in a small vase on your coffee table, small side table or kitchen bench.

Alocasia Calidora

Also known as ‘elephant ears’ this tropical plant in the wild can grow up to 2.5 metres tall. Alocasia Calidora has wonderful palm like leaves that fan out and arch in a graceful way. The ribbed leaves heart shape leaves are a focal point and will enhance your room in a dramatic way.

Spathiphyllum Lily

The peace lily is a graceful plant that has an all year-round appeal. It blooms with white flowers around the leaf stalk that fade to a greenish or yellow colour over time. Style this plant in any space that needs a calming effect in a white or neutral pot.

Pathos Plant

A vining plant, this patterned foliage can add much need texture and interest to a room. The leaves are spotty white and green and cascade beautifully at great lengths. Style a bunch in a bowl or pot and allow it to hang over a bookcase or a sideboard. Bring it into the living area and style next to a lounge in a pot on a stand.

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The Hamptons look for home interiors has been welcomed around the world by interior designers and is set to be the hottest trend for Australian homes this Summer. We take a look at this interior trend and share our tips on how you can achieve this coastal style.

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The Hamptons is a seaside haven for New York’s elite. This long stretch of coast and sandy beaches are dotted with rustic farmhouses, colonial style homes and luxurious beach pads. More than just a destination, the Hamptons “look” has become a revered style, replicated around the world by homeowners wanting to embody a sophisticated coastal lifestyle. A style that should feel fresh, relaxing and timeless.

The exciting thing about the Hamptons style, is that it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to achieve this look in any Australian home. Whilst on trend for Summer, this is a look that will keep you going year to year, and will allow you to refresh with décor and soft furnishings.

The Hamptons look is all about bringing the outside in. Keep spaces, as bright and open as possible, and let the light in! White walls and light coloured floors can make all the difference.

Easy updates to dining, living and bedroom spaces can be achieved with furniture that combines lighter stained timbers, and white washes. Designs can be rustic or modern, however try to keep a nice flow throughout your rooms. A timber sideboard or console is a wonderful way to set the Hamptons scene in your home’s entryway.

Rooms should create a calming atmosphere, styled to be relaxing by the sea. Consider a neutral colour palette (white, beige, oatmeal, soft greys) with hints of ocean inspired blues and greens, highlighted in décor, wall art, cushions and throws. Upholstered dining room chairs, lounges and rugs should lean towards sandy creams, beiges and light grey tones to help offset any accent colours you choose to decorate with.

Arizona Armchair decorated with neutral soft furnishings and decor

Get inspired by the sea, with shell and coral decor that can adorn a buffet, hallway console or bedside table. Decorate your walls with a set of ocean inspired prints or white washed, carved wooden decorations.

The Hamptons look should look fresh but also inviting. Create a sense of cosiness with throws in natural fabrics like cotton and linen, draped softly across lounges and beds. Play with cushions that vary in texture, material and size. Natural weaves, oversized cushions give a relaxed, live in look for some serious relaxation time. Lean towards lighter neutrals and faded blues for a calming effect.

Dress up empty corners with hurricane lanterns, or an assortment of natural seagrass and rattan baskets for some extra storage. Liven up a dull corner with some potted greenery, or decorate a table or surface with some white floral arrangements or light wooden decor.

For more style inspiration and ideas online, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Need some more one on one help? We welcome your nearest store and ask one of our style experts assist you.

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