Faux Floral Styling

white magnolia flower artificial

Bring the outside in: a guide for faux floral styling

Whether you are green-fingered or not, faux floral styling with artificial flowers and plants can be an easy way to update or create a finishing touch at home. It can be tricky to keep real plants alive, and costly, too. Rather than focus on seasonal blooms, however lovely they may be, using faux florals and greenery in your home is a great option. Here are our top three ideas.

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Keep it simple with artificial stems

Single stems can work well as a sculptural piece. Or why not try using three or five together of the same colours and tones? The faux grasses with their feathery fronds can make a statement for any time of the year.

Mix and match with real blooms

Combine faux flowers and real greenery to add to your display. You could use some real eucalyptus leaves to mix in with some artificial stems to add depth to your arrangement.

magnolia double stem - artificial flower

One-off pieces for faux floral (and greenery) styling

green fern in cement pot - artificial plant

A single faux plant can add an instant pop of colour to your home, without the worry of having to care for it – especially in the hotter months. Ready-potted, these are an easy addition to a coffee table, side table, console or shelf. 

So, whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your living room, create a serene oasis in your bedroom or enhance your workspace with a touch of nature, faux greenery and floral décor offer endless possibilities for beautifying your home. 

Explore our curated collection of faux botanicals, crafted to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living space. From lifelike foliage to floral arrangements, let your imagination bloom with faux botanicals that inspire and delight.


The concept of the home office update has evolved from a mere workspace to a sanctuary of productivity and creativity. With more people embracing flexible schedules, there’s never been a better time to invest in upgrading your home office. Here are some tips to help you create a functional, inspiring and comfortable workspace that enhances both your productivity and well-being.

1. Declutter and Organise

A clutter-free workspace is essential for maintaining focus and productivity. Take the time to declutter your home office by removing unnecessary items and organising your supplies and equipment. Consider using decorative storage baskets to add style while concealing clutter. Investing in storage solutions like bookcases or storage units can help to keep your workspace tidy and organised. 

2. Lighting Matters

Good lighting is essential for a productive work environment. Natural light not only boosts mood and energy levels but also reduces eye strain and fatigue. So if you can, position your desk near a window to take advantage of natural daylight. 

3. Personalise Your Space

Your home office should reflect your personality and inspire creativity. Personalise your workspace with meaningful artwork and accessories that resonate with you. Whether it’s a gallery of wall art or photos of loved ones or a collection of plants, surround yourself with items that bring you joy and inspiration. Experiment with colour schemes, textures and patterns to create a space that feels inviting and energising. 

4. Create a Productive Environment

Your home office should be a sanctuary that inspires productivity and creativity. By investing in the right desk and chair for your space, decluttering and organising, personalising your decor, you can create a home office that enhances your well-being and elevates your productivity. Take the time to design a workspace for you and watch as your productivity soars to new heights.

Here are our top tips for easy entertaining in a small home, whatever the size of your space. If you love entertaining like us, don’t let the size of your little house or apartment stop you. 

easy entertaining in a small home Chateau Extension Dining Table Close up image of timber table

Here are our top tips for easy entertaining in a small home, whatever the size of your space. 

If you love entertaining like us, don’t let the size of your little house or apartment stop you. 

Declutter your small home

It may seem obvious, but clearing away any extra small pieces from around your house – even just for an afternoon or evening – can make the world of difference. If you aren’t donating, then why not try baskets? They are a versatile option for keeping clutter at bay, whether it is your living room, bedroom or dining room.

Use outside space for easy entertaining in a small home

Make the most of the outdoors to extend your living space. Create an extra room by dressing up your patio or balcony, courtyard or small garden with some classic furniture. It is an easy way to be able to have more guests visiting at once. 

Rearrange seating for easier entertaining

Dining chairs can be moved aside and a dining table too, so that you have extra space for people to move around and chat without being constrained to one spot. Rather than a sit-down dinner, a more informal gathering gives you the chance to have a bigger get together without the worry of lack of space.

Here we show you how to style your glass cabinet. Because, trying to organise your home can seem a never-ending task, but creating a beautiful display can make fun of what may have been a mundane chore.

What makes a home, home? Those little bits and pieces, curios and treasures, that you find along the way. From holidays and far-flung travel to gifts and mementos, you can display them all in a glass cabinet, so that they are tidy, yet still there to inspire you. 

Here we show you how to style your glass cabinet in a few easy steps. Here are our top three things to consider:

start to style your glass cabinet

Textures to style your cabinet

To start, using different elements in your display with varying textures and colours too will create a styled cabinet that is not too ‘put together’. It will look effortless, yet eye-catching. Having an extra pop of colour can bring your display to life.

Variety in styling your cabinet

Choose a selection of pieces, such as books, mini statues, bowls. Make your selection as eclectic as you like, but just be mindful not to overfill your cabinet: clutter will make your display less appealing. 

How to style your glass cabinet
style your glass cabinet

Sizes to style your cabinet

Try to have a mixture of sizes. If you have some large coffee table style books, why not team with smaller bowls or candles. The bigger pieces can be the main focal point and help to join together your smaller treasures.

And if it takes you a few gos to get it right, then enjoy the process of moving things around.

Like what you see here? Explore our homewares collection and our hardwood collection. You could try the same idea with a bookcase, too.

neutral cushions small home decorating ideas

A small space and a small budget? It doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your home. Here’s how with our small home decorating ideas:

1. Refresh your cushions

This is an easy update, whatever the size of your home. You can stick to seasonal tones or just change the textures. Explore our cushion collection here.

2. Create a vignette

Using some of your existing books, artefacts or curios from travel (and perhaps a couple of new pieces), you can create a new vignette for your shelf

3. Swap your door knobs

Whether you have a new chest of drawers or an older piece, why not add a touch of colour with some new door knobs? Mix and match your favourites. If you prefer a simpler look then you can opt for more neutral tones.

4. Choose a tray 

A perfect spot for a tray is on your bedside, or to change a centrepiece on your coffee table. Simply as is, with some extra trinkets, or a book or two, a tray can refresh your look.

5. Add some plants and flowers

If you aren’t green fingered, then try some faux florals and greenery to zhush your space. Taller plants can add some height to a corner or bright flowers can add a pop of brightness to a tabletop. 

6. Renew your placemats

If you have some upcoming dinner parties, then why not change your dining design. Choose some new placemats and your dining table will feel like new.

7. Update your artwork

Try hanging a new piece on your wall to inspire you at home. A large oversized canvas or a smaller framed artwork can make it feel like a new home.

For more small home decorating ideas, see our gallery for inspiration or browse our furniture.


City living and spacious living don’t generally go hand in hand. With this in mind, here’s how to make the most of your home, whatever the size with our Shack Hack for small space solutions. We have our three top tips to help you have a clutter-free and calm home, from dining room to living room and beyond.

Clear some space

Clearing some space can in turn help to clear your mind. So in order to declutter, start by tidying. Think buffets, chests of drawers, bookshelves to store away pieces you don’t need out all the time, but would like easy access to at all times. Baskets can work wonders, too. Whether it is books and toys or paperwork, tools and curios, you can easily hide away bits and pieces to create a space of serenity.

Scale your furniture

As much as you may love an oversized dining table to entertain your friends and family night after night, it might not be the most practical solution for your living space. Try an extension table to help you out with extra seating when it is required. Or, a fixed round table can often work well in an awkward shape or size room. And if you have no designated office space, make your table work extra hard, by doubling up as a desk as well as a dining table. 

Simplify your designs

Opting for a simple design of furniture, lighter colours and fewer patterns can help create a less busy look at home. This in turn will create a calmer ambience, and what more could you want than feeling at peace in your own space? If you prefer a one-off piece, browse our Antique Chinese collection. There are a few different options depending on the size of furniture you need, all with plenty of storage to help you find some of your own small space solutions.


Here comes the sun

Welcome summer with whites: bright whites and pale neutrals sing for summer. Breezy long days with that magical golden hour have us longing for an at-home overhaul and an all white summer refresh. Where better (and when better) to start than as soon as you walk through your front door. Here we take you room by room with some tips to add some refreshing white furniture throughout your home.


Hallway / Living Room

If you have the space for it, the Hamptons Buffet is light, bright and white. A perfect piece to make a space feel cleaner with its plentiful storage.


Kitchen / Dining Room

The Hamptons Barstool in white is an easy addition to any open-plan living space. Whether it is to perch on for breakfast or chat with friends as you cook, they are a versatile piece that are easy to move around at home.


Sitting Room / Office

Whether you need a bookshelf or somewhere to style your collection of curios, we love the openness of the Hamptons Bookcase. Also available in an extra large style, if you need a bit more storage space.



An easy bedside table option, the Hamptons Open Bedside Table is compact, yet easy to hide all those bedside bits and pieces.


Need that perfect Christmas table setting? Host yourself a merry little Christmas this year with our how-to guide for December dining.

Update your dining space this December. Impress more and stress less this festive season with our how-to guide to set the dining table for Christmas. We have easy decorating ideas to make everyday dining – as well as Christmas dinner parties – that little bit more special.

Find your table

An extension table is a perfect piece for family gatherings and festive celebrations to give you that little bit of extra space. Need to find your table and chairs? See our buying guide.

Make some space

Your dining table is bound to be laden, so create extra space and use your buffet or sideboard or even a coffee table or side table. Remember to protect your table, too.

Create your theme 

Adorn and decorate your table (and indeed your dining room) with a theme to make your party feel extra special. Think outside the box: a coastal theme (think shell placemats and coastal decorative accessories) or keep it simple and rustic with a boho theme (think timber trays or chopping boards). Layer different bowls and trays together (space depending).

Add your centrepiece

Faux foliage (see in store), flowers or find some fresh stems and leaves to add a subtle touch of nature to your table. Or for an evening affair, perhaps some candles to create ambience. Echo the shape of your table: create a circular centrepiece on your circular table or add buds and candles or small shells, timber beads along the length of a rectangular table.

Finish with flair 

The little things that make a difference. Make name cards at each setting, a simple linen or cotton napkin and a small favour such as shell decorations.

You’re ready to celebrate, now just add family & friends.

The perfect table setting for sunny Sundays or Saturday evening get-togethers: there’s something special about sitting with family or friends for a meal. Here’s our how-to for creating that setting you and your friends will remember.  


The perfect table setting is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Placement

Hamptons extension dining table and cafe chairs

Whether you decide to sit indoors or outdoors, have a think about how much space you have when you set the table and be sure to have enough room for each guest. Around 60-80cm for each place setting should be sufficient, so that everyone can easily get in and out of their seat as well as have enough space to eat. Adorning your table with placemats and trays can create an instant setting, as well as being useful. not just for looking pretty: they are functional too, protecting your tabletop. 

2. Centrepiece


We love a fresh floral arrangement (who doesn’t?), but these can be troublesome, especially when it’s hot in summertime, as they may wilt in the heat. So why not try an artificial arrangement, that you can re-use for party after party. Head in store to see some of our faux florals to use either along the table length or in a sculptural vase. Not enough space? You can always decorate a nearby sideboard or buffet, leaving more room for food. 

3. Ambience

Hamptons Dining Table Cafe Chairs

Candles add instant cosiness. But, if you are unsure of naked flames when there’s already a table burgeoning with food, try a battery-operated candle instead. Head in store where we have a simple solution with faux-flame candles that flicker. Team together in varying sizes. 

Need more than just the settings? We have a few buying guides to help you find your perfect table: from extension tables to fixed dining tables. Or if you are after chairs, try: upholstered chairs buying guide

Like to learn more? Here’s our festive table guide for you and your guests.

Selection of orange and white stripe pattern cushions

Springtime can often bring motivation for an at-home styling refresh, and changing your cushions is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to update your interiors in an instant. Whether it is to decorate your bedroom or make your living room more cosy, here’s how to style your cushions. We know it can be overwhelming when faced with so many options in a wall of cushions in store. Let us help you narrow it down. 

Not sure where to start your styling? Choose one cushion design you love and go from there. 

How to style cushions: COLOUR – TEXTURE – SIZE & SHAPE

Stack of plain colour Tess cushions

Pick a palette. If there are bright colours or lots of patterns, add in some neutrals to tone in with your existing interiors at home.

Jute Natural Cushion on timber floor against white wall

Linen and cotton are breathable options – perfect for little ones as they are practical and easy to clean. But why not add some natural Jute for a variation in texture?

Monochrome black and white Zoe cushions on wooden floor against wall

Remember comfort is key. Too many cushions just means extra tidying – as well as taking up too much space – so keep it minimal. Try layering different sizes: large square cushions at the back, followed by smaller square designs, then the mini rectangular lumbar cushions at the front.

Large oversized cushions are perfect to use on the floor, too (try the STELLA cushion). So when that rain just won’t go away – indoor picnic anyone?

The other room you might want to add a cushion or two is your dining room. Add cushions on a carver chair – try the Hamptons Raffles – or to a bench seat for extra comfort. The New York bench is an ideal addition to your hallway also, as a perfect place to sit and put your shoes on.

For more inspiration and ideas, follow us on instagram or visit our gallery.

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