Mango Hardwood

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The Finest Hardwood Furniture Available in Sydney

Our signature mango hardwood range is designed in-house. For over 20 years our own factory in central Java has been a leader in the manufacture of this excellent quality, solid wood furniture.

Our timber has been sensibly sourced through the local farming community and is selected from older less-bearing fruit trees, making way for new saplings to be planted and grown. This rejuvenation process provides an extra income stream for farming communities.  Acclimatised to the Australian environment, this product has been kiln-dried to 10 – 14% moisture content, the optimal percentage for this region.

Beautifully hand-crafted, each piece is unique displaying its own natural character. Spheres, mottled lines and distinct tiger stripes define the mango hardwood grain.Our six step tinting process creates the rich and warm tones of our antique honey stain. The production process is completed with the addition of quality hardware and premium lacquer.