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Quality Hardwood Desks for Home Offices Across Sydney

Whether you run your business from home, require a sanctuary for study, or simply want a place to pen your next poem, Shack’s selection of solid timber desks is sure to deliver the perfect work space.

When it comes to our collection of wooden desks, stylish simplicity is the defining factor. Our range focusses on the beauty of natural timber; the warm colours and striking patterns of the wood grain lend themselves well to both contemporary and classic interior design styles.

If you have been searching for solid wood desks in Sydney, Shack offers a range of designs to perfectly suit any interior.

We stock a wide range of solid wood desks

Our exclusive collection is predominately comprised of mango wood desks. These timeless pieces of furniture are both designed and manufactured by us in our own factory. Made from wood that is sensibly sourced in Java, these hardwood desks deliver a rustic feel that is suited to modern and traditionally styled interiors alike. Mango wood offers a warm, vibrant aesthetic with a striking grain that often features distinct tiger stripes, spheres and mottling.

Our designs are finished in an antique honey stain and come in a broad range of designs – from simple tables through to classic designs that include drawers and shelving. Alongside our mango wood desks, we also stock a selection of French Provincial style pieces that offer a sense of style and sophistication.

Browse our collection of wooden desks online today

If you are looking to create the perfect place in which to study, work or dream the day away, Shack’s exclusive furniture collection offers the perfect blend of practicality and style. Built with an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, these classic hardwood desks are designed to last.

If you have been searching for solid timber desks in Sydney, look no further than Shack. For those interested in furniture packages, we also stock a range of matching chairsbedside tables and other beautiful pieces. For more information, visit us instore today or browse our collection online!

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