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We are very excited to announce that SHACK has joined Buy1 Give1 (B1G1) a global business giving initiative with a mission to create a world full of giving to those less fortunate.

Somewhere in the world we have made a difference!

Buy 1 Give 1

Set up to help small and medium size businesses, B1G1 gives SHACK the opportunity to make a social impact by supporting causes and projects around the world. From giving access to safe drinking water in Cambodia, to buying bricks to build a classroom in Nepal, to providing education to disadvantaged children in India, to giving farmer tools and training in Milawi.

There are thousands of social projects that are being run tirelessly by dedicated people with little or no funding, and through the ontinued support of our customers SHACK can help contribute to these worthy causes.



Every purchase you make at SHACK will count as a giving impact as we donate a portion of each sale to the three chosen causes each month. Customers will be asked to select a heart token and place it in the jar of the cause they feel most strongly about. At the end of each month, we will tally up the tokens across our three stores and donate to each cause in proportion to the number of tokens received in each jar.

Buy One Give One Shack Charity Support

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Supported causes

Provide Safe Drinking Water in Cambodia

The poorest families in the rural villages often don't have access to potable water, relying on atural waterways to meet their needs. Regularly ill from preventable water-borne illnesses such as diarrhoea, they find themselves unable to go to work or school for extended periods of time, and often families have to take out loans to cover everyday bills or even larger loans to pay for edical treatment.

Provide Book-keeping Skills for a Woman in Milawi

This program aims to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their familites and contribute to their livelihood.

Fund an Anti-trafficking Education Outreach Officer in Cambodia

Fund an Anti-trafficking Education Officer to visit girls and their families in rural communities. The Officers are university educated Cambodians, trained to identify girls at high risk of being targeted by traffickers. They understand the challenges faced by rural families living in poverty, and are dedicated to helping girls on the program to stay in school.

If there are any causes you feel strongly about from the list of projects on B1G1, please send us an email we'd love to hear from you! For more information on the B1G1 initiative visit http://www.b1g1.com

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